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1. A particular spell has a .18 (i.e. 18%) chance to do critical damage. What is the probability that a spell can be cast 10 times in a row without doing critical damage?
A) .137 B) .820 C) .862 D) <.001

2. What is the probability of the sum of two dice equaling an odd number?
A) .50 B) .38 C) .25 D) .61

3. A coin is tossed 10 times. What is the probability that the coin will come up heads exactly 4 times?
A) .50 B).21 C) .40 D) .24

4. What is the probability of rolling 3 or higher on a die roll, if the roller has the option to re- - roll the die a single time?
A) .66 B) .50 C) .75 D) .89

A numerical answer to each question must be given. Please show all work

5. A treasure chest contains 5 rubies, 8 diamonds, 7 emeralds, and 4 sapphires. If you pick a gem at random, what is the probability of choosing a ruby?

6. A squad based combat game is designed to consider kills and objectives equally and award top players a special honor. Analysis of games indicated a 63% chance that the top player has the most kills, a 50% chance of achieving the most objectives, and a 35% chance of having the most kills AND achieving the most objectives. What is the probability of a player earning the special honor for only getting the most kills OR only achieving the most objectives?

7. In a particular fighting game, a boxing character is given 7 to 5 odds against a karate character.
What is the probability of the boxer winning?

8. You roll a die and it comes up 6. If you roll a second die and add up the values of the two dice,
what is the probability that the sum will be 8 or higher?

9. A coin has been flipped 6 times, coming up heads each time. What is the probability that the
coin will come up tails on the 7th flip?

10. A video game publisher noted that 80% of their titles came from Studio 1 and 20% came from their Studio 2. 85% percent of the titles from Studio I make a profit, while only 70% of the titles from
Studio 2 are profitable. What is the probability that a title will come from Studio 2 and be profitable?

11. In a game you are required to roll 3 dice and choose the lowest 2 results (i.e. discard the highest result). What is the probability that the sum of the dice is 7 or greater?

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