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    complementary events

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    1. A pair of fair dice is rolled. Let E denote the event that the number landing uppermost on the first die is a 3, and let F denote the event that the sum of the numbers landing uppermost is 6. Determine whether E and F are independent events.

    2. Explain why the following statement is incorrect.
    The probability that a bus will arrive late at the Civic center is 0.35, and the probability that it will be on time or early is 0.60.

    3. Copykwik has four photocopy machines: A, B, C and D. The probability that a given machine will break down on a particular day is

    P(A) = 1/50, P(B) = 1/60, P(C) = 1/75, P(D) = 1/40 .

    Assuming independence, what is the probability on a particular day that

    a. All four machines will break down?
    b. None of the machines will break down?

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