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Probability Questions: Weather, Car Accidents

When writing about the probability that it will rain in Boston on July 4 of next year, a newspaper reporter states that the probability is ½, because either it will rain or it will not. Is this reasoning correct? Why or why not?

An insurance company states that the probability that a particular car will be involved in a car crash this year is 0.14, and the probability that the car will not be involved in a car crash this year is 0.82.
Decide whether the statement makes sense (or is clearly true) or doesn't make sense (or is clearly false). Justify your answer. [Note that your explanation is more important than your chosen answer.]

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1) The probability 1/2 is reasonable, because it is not certain that it will rain or will not rain.

So the chance of raining or not raining is 50 -50. It may happen or may not happen.

There the probability of raining or not raining on July 4 next year is ...

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The probability of rain in Boston is examined. The probability is examined to determine if the reasoning is correct.