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Exponential smoothing

Sales of Cool-Man air conditioners have grown steadily during the past 5 years: The sales manager had predicted, before the business started, that year 1's sales would be 410 air conditioners. Using exponential smoothing with a weight of Coefficient = 0.30, develop forecasts for years 2 through 6. YEAR SALES

Forecasting time series based on Moving average

Please provide tutorial help involving moving averages. Moving averages often are used to identify movement in stock prices. Daily closing prices (in dollars per share) for a large company (Tab STOCK PRICES data set) a) Use a 3-time period moving average to smooth the time series. Forecast the closing price for the n

Regression Optimization to Determine Price

1. You decide to buy'a diamond ring. To make sure you get a quality ring for your money, you educate yourself on things to look for in buying a diamond. After some research on the web, you learn about the 4C's of diamonds: cut, clarity, color and carat. You decide the ring you want to purchase will have a a round-cut diamond and

Compute and figure answer as directed by question.

Megley Cheese Company is a small manufacturer of several different cheese products. One of the products is a cheese spread that is sold to retail outlets. Jason Megley must decide how many cases of cheese spread to manufacture each month. The probability that the demand will be six cases is 0.1, for 7 cases is 0.3, for 8 cases

Linear Programming (LP)

Need LP tutorial help involving optimization and the use of Solver. Solve the following modifications of the Tatham Capital Budgeting model (solve each part independently of the others) (a) Suppose that at most two of the project 1 - 5 can be selected. write the appropriate algebraic constraint and solve. What is the new

Linear Optimization: The international Chef, Inc.

The international Chef, Inc markets three blends of oriental tea: premium, Duke Grey and Breakfast. THe firm uses tea leaves from India, China, and new domestic California sources. Net profit per pound for each blend is $.50 for premium, $.30 for Duke Grey, and $.20 forbreakfast. The firmsregular weekly supplies are 20,000 pound

Forecasting Smoothing Constants

Exponential smoothing with smoothing constant ? = 0.1. Use the actual value of the first period as the starting forecast for the second period. Time Period Actual Value Exponential Smoothing (? = 0.1) Forecast 1 211 2 228 211.00 3 236 4 241 5 242 6 227 7 217 8 203 b.) Exponential smoothing with smoothing

Optimization Involving Restriction and Relaxation

Optimization involving restriction and relaxation. Please read the pdf file and use the provided Excel spreadsheet for the solution. Please, no integer solutions. MUST include objective function! Must do questions 1 and 2.

Linear Programming for profit optimization

The Exeter Company produces two basic types of dog toys. Two resources are crucial to the output of the toys: assembling hours and packaging hours. Further, only a limited quantity of type 1 toy can be sold. The linear programming model given below was formulated to represent next weekââ?¬â?¢s situation. Let, X1 = Amount o

Graphical Approach for Solving Linear Programming Problems

This is liner programming problem for optimization of an objective function subject to some liner constraints. There are two profit maximization problems and two cost minimization problems. For each problems below complete the following: a) Graph and label every inequality. State the scale used on both axes. b) Shade the

Maximum Profit

Natural Furniture Company manufactures three outdoor products, chairs, benches, and tables. Each product must pass through the following departments before it is shipped: sawing, sanding, assembly, and painting. The time requirements (in hours) are summarized in the tables below. The production time available in each departm

Quantitative Methods Optimal Location

2) An airline wants to begin operations in a new city. Two cities, A and B, are being considered. The airline will locate in the city whose airport has the lowest landing fees. These are determined by demand. The cost, in tens of thousands of dollars per year, is summarized in the table below.

Branch and Bound for Tree Integer

Solve the following problem using Branch and Bound.Show the B&B tree.If node is fathomed,indicate why it is fathomed.Provide the sequence of problems solved,. eg. P1-P3-P4, etc.Clearly indicate what the optimal solution is.Note: x4 does not have to be integer.After solving the root node, branch on x1 first. Max Z=4x1-2x2+7x3-

Provide an integer programming model for this problem.

Corsouth Mortgage Associate is a large home mortgage firm in the Southeast. It has a pool of permanent and temporary computer operators who process mortgage accounts, including posting payments and updating escrow accounts for insurance and taxes. A permanent operator can process 220 accounts per day, and a temporary operator ca

Maximum Modulus Principle

See attached a pdf file. You can find more Mobius transformation information from John Conway - Functions of One Complex Variable I or Serge Lang - Complex Analysis or other Complex Analysis books. Problem of Schwarz's Lemma 1. Suppose f: D → ¢ satisfies Re f(z) ≥ 0 for all z in D and suppose that f is analytic and

Ranges of optimality

Answer Questions 2 and 3 based on the following LP problem. Maximize 2X1 + 5X2 + 4X3 Total Profit Subject to X1 + X2 + X3 > 150 At least a total of 150 units of all three products needed X1 + 3X2 + 2X3 â?¤ 300 Resource 1 2X1 + X2 + 2X3 â?¤ 250

Optimal solution for Blacktop Refining in Montana

Can someone teach me how to formulate the Optimal solution for this problem without using Excel? The constraints I figured out are: Copper .2x1 + .3x2 >= 8 Zinc .2x + .25x2 >= 6 Magnesium .15x1 + .1x2 >= 5 What is the next step? Blacktop Refining extracts minerals from ore mined at two different sites in Montana.

Decision Models

Pharmgen Corporation is a pharmaceutical company developing a new drug to fight cancer. It recently discovered a rival company is just one year away from finishing its development in a similar drug which will take away some market share if released. Pharmgen identifies two possible scenarios. The first one, which has a probabili

Trail Time blend cost minimization

FarmFresh Foods manufactures a snack mix called TrailTime by blending three ingredients: a dried fruit mixture, a nut mixture, and a cereal mixture. Information about the three ingredients (per ounce) is shown below. Ingredient Cost Volume Fat Grams Calories Dried Fruit .35 .25 cup 0 150 Nut Mix

Decision Analysis Problem for Anna Tabara

Anna Tabara has three major routes to take to work. She can take Market street the entire way, she can take seveal back streets to wok, or she can use the expressway. The traffic patterns are very complex however. Under good conditions, Market street is the fastest route. When Maket is congested, one of the other routes is usual

Description of Optimal Order Quantity

Please see attachment for picture... The bookstore at a university purchases sweatshirts emblazoned with the school name and logo from a vendor. The vendor sells the sweatshirts to the store for $38 apiece. The cost to the bookstore for placing an order is $120 and the carrying cost is 25% of the average annual inventory valu

Inventory Management analysis problem

The purchasing manager for the Atlantic Steel Company must determine a policy for ordering coal to operate 12 converters. Each converter requires exactly 5 tons of coal per day to operate, and the firm operates 360 days per year. The purchasing manager has determined that the ordering cost is $80 per order and the cost of hold

Inventory Management

The Petroco Company uses a highly toxic chemical in one of it's manufacturing processes. It must have the product delivered by special cargo trucks designed for safe shipment of chemicals. As such, ordering (and delivery) costs are relatively high, at $2,600 per order. The chemical product is packaged in 1-gallon plastic cont

Linear Optimization (blending)

Develop a linear programming model with the data from tables 1-5 Make or Buy(maximize profit /minimize cost) There are Four orders for the next 90 days Orders are to be Completed 90 Days Products are shown in Table 1. The orders are shown in Table 2 Table 3 lists the amount of plate steel required to produ

AvAir - Forecast

AvAir, a regional airline, reported miles flown data as shown in Table 1, below. In January 2002 AvAir added aircraft to its fleet and changed the method of scheduling maintenance. REVENUE SEAT MILES (000's) AVAILABLE SEAT MILES (000's) 2006 2007 2006 2007 January 10,5


Amtrak is trying to decide whether or not to overbook the first class cabins on its most popular daily commuter routes from DC to NY. In doing so, Amtrak is seeking to get the most from its business customers. The operations department have done some preliminary research and have determined the following: On average, the f