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Question 1. Data collected on the yearly demand for 50-pound bags of fertilizer at Wallace Garden Supply are shown in the following table: Year Demand for Fertilizer (1,000s of bags) 1 4 2 6 3 4 4 5 5 10 6 8 7 7 8 9 9 12 10 14 11 15 a) Develop a three-year moving averages to forecast sale. b) Then estimate d

Determine optimal shipping schedules.

I'm studying the transportation models and shipment. Can you please tell me the method to solve the following problem and show me the procedure? A company produces cars in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The cars are then shipped to warehouses in Memphis, Milwaukee, New York City, Denver, and San Francisco. The num

Two Optimization Problems

Untimed Optimization Assessment, Due 04/17/10 11PM (no extra time given by Blackboard) You have to do two separate things to complete this assessment: 1) Enter answers to numbered questions using online Assessment form (untimed one). 2) Upload the spreadsheets you used in solving the questions on this assessment (no spr

Identify the function's extreme values in the given domain

Identify the function's extreme values in the given domain, and say where they are assumed. Tell which of the extreme values, if any, are absolute. f(x) = x2 - 6x, -&#8734; < x &#8804; 6 Answer Options: a) Local and absolute minimum: (3, -9); Local maximum: (6, 0) b) Local minimum: (6, 0); Local and absolute maximum: (3,

Use QM for windows

Given a transportation problem with the following costs, supply, and demand, find the optimal solution by using the computer: To(cost) From 1 2 3 Supply A $16 $7 S4 100 B 5 3 6 180 C 8 5

Formaulate and solve an integer programming model

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems New Offices at Atlantic Management Systems Eliminate Denver in table when solving this problem. See attachment for problem. 1. Formulate and solve an integer programming model to help Atlantic Systems determine how many new offices it should open where the

Transportation modeling problem

A soda producer makes and sells two products, Classic Cola and Diet Cola. If this company spends X1 dollars on promotion of Classic Cola in a particular western city, it can sell 75 X1^0.5 12-packs of Classic Cola each week there. Moreover, if this company spends X2 dollars on promotion of Diet Cola in a particular western

Mathematical modeling question

After graduating from business school, George Clark went to work for a Big Six accounting firm in San Francisco. Since his bobby has always been wine making, when he had the opportunity a few yeas later he purchased 5 acres plus an option to buy 35 additional acres of land in Sonoma Valley in Northern California.. He plans eve

Optimization problem lingo or lindo

I have an optimization problem which is already solved using Excel solver, however, I need it to be solved with in lingo or lindo systems. every thing needed is described in the attached file

Forecast model consumer loan department atCentral Union bank

The consumer loan department at Central Union bank and Trust wants to develop a forecasting model to help determine it's potential loan application volume for the coming year. Because adjustable-rate home mortgages are based on government long-term treasury not rates, the department collected the following data for 3- to 5 - ye

Exponential Smoothing Forecast and Trend Projection

The Mayfair Department Store in Davenport, Iowa, is trying to determine the amount of sales lost while it was shut down during July and August because of damage caused by the Mississippi River flood. Sales data for January through June follow. Month Sales ($1000s) January 185.72 February 167.84 March 205.11 April 210.36

Question about integer programming model

The Texas Consolidated Electronics Company is contemplating a research and development program encompassing eight research projects. The company is constrained from embarking on all projects by the number of available management scientists (40) and the budget available for R&D projects ($300,000). Further, if project 2 is select

Maximum Value or Minimum Value

Attached is the word document. 1. Solve the problem. (section 8.3) Working together, Rick and Juanita can complete a job in 6 hours. It would take Rick 9 hours longer than Juanita to do the job alone. How long would it take Juanita alone? 2. Solve. (section 8.5) 7t-2 + 33t-1 + 20 = 0 3. Without graphing, find the ma

Quantitative Methods

A local real estate investor in orlando is considering three alternative investments: a motel, a restaurant , or a theater . Profits from the motel or restaurant will be affected by the availability of gasoline and the number of tourists: profits from the theater will be relatively stable under any conditions. The following pa

Linear Programming Problem

Problem 11-13 A group of college students is planning a camping trip during the upcoming break. The group must hike several miles through the woods to get to the campsite, and anything that is needed on this trip must be packed in a knapsack and carried to the campsite. One particular student, Tina Shawl, has identified eight

Maximum value expressed

Maximize 12x1 +7x2 St 4x1+9x2< 36 7x1+6x2<42 x2<8 x1>2 x1,x2>0 whats the optimal solution whats is the value of the objective function graphical method. Shade in the feasible region corresponding to the constraints

Unequal Supply and Demand Conditions, Supply Less Demand.

Max's Chicken House has three branches: A, B, and C at different locations. These three branches deliver fried chickens to three distributors: X, Y and Z. The following tables gives the delivery costs, the number available at each branch, and the number needed by each distributor. From To X To Y To Z S

Optimal Solution - Designing a Plan at a Minimum Cost

( Stepping Stone Method ) Dezz Manufacturing Inc. wants to find the lowest cost of deliver of its products to Ever Supermarkets. Ever Cal needs 500 bottles, Ever Rect needs 700 bottles, and Ever Con needs 400 bottles. The owner has three branches located at three different places. Maz Warehouse has 550 bottles, Cal warehou

Forecast Analysis

The book store sells computers to students at a discount. The book store usually sells the computers at cost or for minimal profit. Each summer all incoming freshman come to a 3 day orientation program. The students usually come in groups of 100 throughout the summer. At the orientation they are usually given information on the

Quantitative Methods - 5 questions about forecasting

I am having trouble with the problems attached. I can't figure out the periods, smoothed forecasting and linear regression. I have attached the problem because the tables/graphs look better on a word document rather than in the full description section. --------------------------------------------------------- 1. Given the

Inventory Control Model

The marginal loss on Washington Reds, a brand of apples from the state of Washington, is $35 per case. The marginal profit is $15 per case. During the past year, the mean sales of Wshington Reds in cases was 45,000 cases, and the standard deviaiton was 4,450. How many cases of Washington Reds should be brought to market? Ass

Transportation Optimization Problem

Steel mills in three cities produce the following amounts of steel weekly location weekly production (tons) Ashville 210 Birmingham 150 columbus 320 these mills supply steel to four cities where manufacturing plants have the following demand city weekly demand Detroit 130 St

Maximum Profit and Minimum Average Cost

You are given the function p(q) at which q units of a particular commodity can be sold and the total cost c(q) of producing the q units: In each case A) Find: Revenue Function R(q), the profit function P(q), the marginal revenue R'(q), and the marginal cost C'(q). Sketch the graphs of p(q), R'(q), and C'(q) on the same coord


I need help with the attached problem about the university bookstore student computer purchase program. Use either MS word or Excel. Thanks!

Functions, Population Growth and Forecasting

Pick a country of your choice that is experiencing population growth. Using the Library, web resources, and/or other materials to find the most recent population count of the country you have chosen and the population growth rate of that country. Use that growth rate to approximate the population in the year 2012.Write a paragra

Forecasting and Moving Averages

The chairperson of the department of management at State University wants to forecast the number of students who will enroll in production and operatiosn management (POM) next semester, in order to determine how many sections to schedule. The cahir has accumulated the following enrollment data for teh past eight semesters: S

Profit, Optimal Price and Average Total Cost

Please refer attached file for diagram. A hypothetical monopoly firm is characterized by the following diagram. a. Assuming that the above firm is a profit maximizer operating in the short run, determine its optimal price? b. Determine the firm's profit c. What is the ATC?

Revenue optimization

I attached the problem. Suppose the total revenue in dollars from sale of q units of a certain commodity is R(q) = &#65532; At which level of sales is the average revenue per unit equal to the marginal revenue? Verify that the average revenue is increasing if the level of sales is less than the level in part (a) and decre