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Forecast model consumer loan department atCentral Union bank

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The consumer loan department at Central Union bank and Trust wants to develop a forecasting model to help determine it's potential loan application volume for the coming year. Because adjustable-rate home mortgages are based on government long-term treasury not rates, the department collected the following data for 3- to 5 - year treasury note interest rate for the past 24 years. (see word doc for Years and Rates)

Year Rate Year Rate Year Rate
1 5.77 9 9.71 17 7.68
2 5.85 10 11.55 18 8.26
3 6.92 11 14.44 19 8.55
4 7.82 12 12.92 20 8.26
5 7.49 13 10.45 21 6.80
6 6.67 14 11.89 22 6.12
7 6.69 15 9.64 23 5.48
8 8.29 16 7.06 24 6.09

Develop an appropriate forecast model for the bank to use to forecast Treasury note rates in the future and indicate how accurate it appears to be compared to historical data.

Need solution in an excel spreadsheet and the answer in a word doc or under need the problem in excel

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Step by step method for developing a Forecast model consumer loan department at Central Union bank.

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