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Find the optimal order quantity

The Super Discount store (open 24 hours a day, every day) sells 8-packs of paper towels, at the rate of approximately 420 packs per week. Because the towels are so bulky, the annual cost to carry them in inventory is estimated at $.50 per pack. The cost to place an order for more is $20 and it takes four days for an order to arr

The nuclear plant currently has 350 fully trained workers. They need to know how many worker are need to be trained for the remainder if the year. 1. Formulate this staffing problem using LP. 2. Solve the problem. How many trainees must begin each month? 3. Submit the problem in Excel Solver.

Dear OTA, Please provide me a solution with detailed explanation. Thanks The nuclear plant currently has 350 fully trained workers. They need to know how many worker are need to be trained for the remainder if the year. Month Personnel Hours Needed August 40,000 September 45,000 October 35,000 November 50,000 D

Decision Making :Forecasting

We manufacture wood front doors with glass inserts We $5 of wood, $2 of glass, $10 of metal fixtures, and $1.50 of plastics We assemble and finshed the wooe, cut the glass, and assemble the product in our two plants (Idaho and North Carolina). One plant ships to customers west of the Mississippi, the other

Find dimensions of maximum volume of suitcase

An international airline has a regulation that each passenger can carry a suitcase having the sum of its width, length and height less than or equal to 135 cm. Find the dimensions of the suitcase of maximum volume that a passenger may carry under this regulation.

Maximum Volume of a Box

A parcel delivery service will only accept a package for delivery if the length plus the girth (distance around the package) does not exceed 108 inches. Find the dimensions of a rectangular box with square ends that maximizes the volume, and state the maximum volume.

Maximum Volume of a Right Circular Cylinder

What is the maximum possible volume of a right circular cylinder with a total surface area (including the top and the bottom)? 600 pi in^2 Find the exact coordinates of the inflection points and critical points of the function (Figure 15.1) on the interval (-10, 10) f(x)= 2x^3+ 3x^2- 180x+ 150 Find dx/dt given

Quantitative Methods : Moving Averages, Exponential Smoothing and Forecasting

1. The Snyder company percentages of all shipments that were received on time over the past 12 months are 80, 82, 84, 83, 83, 84, 85, 84, 82, 83, 84 and 83... A. Compare a 3-month moving-averages forecast with an exponential smoothing forecast for a = 0.2 Which provides a better forecast? Part B. What is the forec

Modeling, Trends and Forecasting

Suppose that the function represents the percentage of inbound e-mail in the U.S. that is considered spam, where x is the number of years after 2000. Carry all calculations to six decimals on each intermediate step when necessary. a) Use this model to approximate the percentage of spam in the year 2003. b)

Optimization and Closest Point on a Line

1. Minimize the perimeter of rectangles with area 25 cm^2 . Is there a maximum perimeter of rectangles with area 25 cm? 2. Find two numbers whose difference is 100 and whose product is a minimum. 3. If 1200 cm2 of material is available to make a box with a square base and an open top, find the largest possible volume of the bo

Dynamic Programming : Reliability of Components

An electronic device consists of 3 main components arranged in series so that the failure of one component causes the failure of the whole device. The reliability of the device can be improved by having up to, 2 standby units in parallel for each component. The total capital available for the design is £10,000. The reliability

Maximum Revenue

Please see attached file for full problem description. The revenue derived from the production of x units of a particular commodity is million dollars. What level of production results in maximum revenue? What is the maximum revenue? a. a. Maximum at x = 8 and maximum revenue is R(8) = 32 (million dollars) b. b. Maxi

Modeling and Optimization : Staffing Levels

Scheduling staff. You are the director of the Computer Center for Gaillard College and rewponsible for scheduling the staffing of the center, which is open from *a.m. until midnight. You have monitored the usage of the center at various times of the day and determined that the following number of computer consultants are req

Non linear Optimization

Ordering fuel. Three liquid fuels are stored in tanks for use in a blending process. Each fuel is characterized by a demand rate, a fixed replenishment cost, and a unit cost. Inventory carrying costs are assessed at the rate of 12 percent per year. In order to save money on insurance rates, the operating policy is to limit

Maximizing area of a fenced garden

A. A rectangular garden is to be fenced in and divided into three parallel sections. the fencing for the boundary costs $20 per foot whereas fencing for the dividing fences costs $5 per foot. Consider the problem of finding the dimensions of the largest garden possible if the gardner can spend $2000 for the fencing. Find the va

Java Programming : Switch Statements and Switch Blocks

If x is currently equal to 5, what will the value of x be after the switch statement executes? Answer is 11. Please explain.The switch statement is switch (x) { case 3: x+=1 case 4: x+=2 Case 5: x+=3 case 6: x++; case 7: x+=2 case8: x-- case 9: x++

Decision-Making, Decision Variables, Modeling and Optimization

You need to decide where to locate call centers and determine the routing of calls to achieve the lowest total cost. You are considering seven cities in which to locate call centers. You know the average cost incurred if a call is made from any of these cities to any region of the country. (See first table below) You also know t

Integer programming problems

Prob 1 Blinkies is the 24-hour hot spot in town. The work schedules start every three hours and are listed below with the number of staff members neede for each three hour period. Staffers may be assigned 6 hour shifhts (for which they are paid $50) or 9 hour shifts (for which they are paid $65) A manager is rquired for eac

Maximizing the Volume of an Open Top Box

1.You are to design a container box by cutting out the four corners of a square cardboard sheet that is 1600 cm2 in area. The box must have a square base and an open top. Determine the dimensions of the box that give maximum volume. 2.Sketch the graph of the function f(x)=x2+4 Identify the following features of the graph:

Optimization Word Problems

1. A rectangular field is going to be enclosed and divided into two separate rectangular areas. (The areas do not have to be equal.) Find the minimum fencing that is required if the total area of the field is 1200 m2. 2. A closed cylindrical container needs to have a volume of 128pie dm3. Find the dimensions if the total are

Asymptotes and Maximum and Minimum Values

1.Determine the vertical asymptotes for the following function. Draw a sketch to show from which side the function approaches. y=__x2-49 x2+9x+20 2.Determine the horizontal asymptote for the following function. Draw a sketch to show whether the function is above or below the asymptote as x→∞. y=__8x2

Forecasting problem using Excel modules addin

11-19 Sales of Cool-Man air conditioners have grown steadily during the past five years, as shown in the following table. Year Sales 1 450 2 495 3 518 4 563 5 584 a) using exponential smoothing constants of 0.3, 0.6, and 0.9, develop forecasts for years 2 through 6. The sales manager had predicted, before the business

Forecasting model using Excel Modules addin

11-13 Data collected on the yearly demand for 50-pound bags of fertilizer at Wallace Garden Supply are shown in the following table: Year Bags (in thousands) Year Bags (in thousands) 1 4 7 7 2 6 8 9 3 4 9 12 4 5 10 14 5 10 11 15 6 8 a) develop two-year, three-year, and four-year moving averages to forecast demand

Forecasting problem using Excel Modules add in

Uses Excel Modules Addin to solve. Add in is attached 12-16 Barbara Bright is the purchasing agent for West Valve Company. West Valve sells industrial valves and fluid control devices. One of the most popular valves is the Western, which has an annual demand of 4,000 units. The cost of each valve is $90, and the inventory car

Dividend valuation model and wealth maximization

Eastern Telecom is trying to decide whether to increase its cash dividend immediately or use the funds to increase its future growth rate. It will use the dividend valuation model originally presented in Chapter 10 for purposes of The model was shown as Formula 10-9 and is reproduced below (with a slight addition in definition o