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Forecasting time series based on Moving average

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Please provide tutorial help involving moving averages.

Moving averages often are used to identify movement in stock prices. Daily closing prices (in dollars per share) for a large company (Tab STOCK PRICES data set)

a) Use a 3-time period moving average to smooth the time series. Forecast the closing price for the next trading day.

b) Use the exponential smoothing with a smoothing constant of .6 to smooth the time series. Forecast the closing price for the next trading day.

c) Can you improve upon your exponential smoothing?

d) Which method do you prefer?

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Solution Summary

This solution provides a step by step method for computing the Time Series Forecasting.

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Moving Average

number of periods: 3

t Price 3MA
1 81.32
2 81.10
3 80.38 80.933
4 81.34 80.940
5 80.54 80.753
6 80.62 80.833
7 79.54 80.233
8 79.46 79.873
9 81.02 80.007
10 80.98 80.487
11 80.80 80.933
12 81.44 81.073
13 81.48 81.240
14 80.75 81.223
15 80.48 80.903
16 80.01 80.413
17 80.33 80.273

Simple Exponential ...

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