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Basic Algebra

Real Numbers

Please show formula and steps if aswers are different? 1. Find decimal notation for -4/25. __x_a. -0.16 ____b. -0.4 ____c. -0.4 ____d. -6.25 2. Find the absolute value: -/-6.8/. ____a. -8.6 ____b. -6.8 __x_c. 6.8 ____d. 8.6 3. Add: -6+12+(-5)+3 ____a. -8 ____b. 4 ____c. 14 _x__d. 26 4. A

The characteristic polynomial of a matrix and its inverse

Linear Algebra Matrices Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors(II) If A = [1, -2 , 3; 2 , 3 , -1; -3 , 1 , 2] , then find the characteristic polynomial for the matrix. Show how this can be used to find A^(-1). The fully formatted problem is in the attached file.

Indicated variable and solved radical

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Please show me the steps how you work the problems so I can work similar problems. Thanks! Solve each formula for the indicated variable. 16. 21. For h 22. for s Raising each side to a power to eliminate Radicals. So

20 Quadratic Equation Questions: Word Problems and Complex Roots

(Full Problem Set found in attachment) ----- 7 questions on Quadratic Equations by Factoring: 1) Using the factoring method, solve for the roots of each equation. Place equation in standard form before factoring. Check your solutions and show the check. 3x2 = 75 2) Using the factoring method, solve

Decimal Notation

1. Write a word name for 8.032. ____a. Eight and thirty-two tend-thousandths ____b. Eight thousand and thirty-two ____c. Eight and thirty-two hundredths __x_d. Eight and thirty-two thousandths 2. Write fraction notation for 7.319. ____a. 7319/10 ____b. 7319/100 _x__c. 7319/1000 ____d. 7319/10,000 3. Writ

Reduce answers to lowest terms.

Reduce answers to lowest terms. 4/ (a-b) + 4 /(b-a) 1/(x^2-4) - 3 / (x^2-3x-10) 2x /(x^2-9) + 3x /(x62+4x+3) (Complete problem found in attachment)

College Mathmatics (check Homework)

1. In the number 351,472, which digit tells the number of thousands? ____a. 5 ____b. 4 ____c. 3 _x__d. 1 2. Write expanded notation for 7205. ____a. 7 thousands + 2 hundreds + 5 tens __x_b. 7 thousands + 2 hundreds + 5 ones ____c. 7 thousands + 2 tens + 5 ones ____d. 2 thousands + 7 hundreds + 5 ones 3.

Polynomials, Polynomial Operations, Exponents, Fractions and Radicals

1. What is the basic principle that can be used to simplify a polynomial? What is the relevance of the order of operations in simplifying a polynomial? 2. When multiplying two polynomials, what fundamental property do you use repeatedly? 3. When working with exponents, is there any difference in operations if the exponents ar

Order and Laws of Operations

1. Why is it necessary to study the order of operations and the laws of operations before you begin solving equations? 2. What operations can you associate with coefficients? What operations can you associate with exponents? 3. Among the three laws, commutative, associative, and distributive, which one is most frequently used

Simplify the exponential expressions.

#6 Assume that the variables represent non-zero real numbers. - Simplify the exponential expressions. Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.

Quadratic formula - error analysis

Improving the Quadratic Formula. Show that these roots can be calculated with the equivalent formulas... (See attachment for full question including Hint)

Equations and word problems

1- suppose you have 45 muffins. how many muffins are left after you give a friend 1/5 of them? 2- a baker at rod's bakery misread the directions and used 5 3/4 cups of flour in a recipe. it was 1 3/4 times too much flour. how much flour should the baker have used? 3- solve the equation. check the solution: x/3=

Word Problems, Simplify, Area, LCM, Solve for X and Hypotenuse

Divide (12a squared - 25a -7 divided by (3a-7) (x cubed - 6x squared + 7x -2 divided by (x-1) A circle has a radius of 10 inches. Find the increase in area that occurs when the radius is increased by 2 in. Round to the nearest hundredth. An object is released from the top of an building 320 ft high. The initial velocity

Equation Given Two of the Complex Conjugate Roots

The equation x^4 - 18x^3 + 121x^2 - 368x + 420=0 has complex conjugate roots (4+j2) & (4-j2). By a process of division and solving a quadratic equation, find all the roots and hence write down all the factors of : x^4

Congruences : Primes, Inverse Modulo, GCD and Wilson's theorem

Please assist me with the attached congruence problems (hint: use Wilson's Theorem) a)Prove if a,b,c Z, N and gcd (c, ) = , then ac bc(mod ) if and only if a b (mod ). b) Let a Z, N, and p > 2 be a prime. Prove that a is its own inverse modulo p if and only if a 1 (mod p ). C) Let a,b Z, N .prove that ax

Statistic terms

Suppose you calculate a mean of a population and you want to know how representative that mean is of a random data point in that population. In other words, is the data bunched tightly around the mean, or is it more loosely distributed over the possible range of values? An example would be high temperatures in July versus high t