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Basic Algebra

10 Beginner Algebra Questions

1. Solve by factoring: 2x^2 + 5x = 3 3. Solve by using the square root property: 3x^2 = 16 6. Solve by completing the square: 2x^2 - 3x - 4 = 0 7. Solve using the quadratic equation: 2x^2 - 3x - 4 = 0 (See attachment for all questions)

Factoring Polynomials and Primes

Factor the polynomial below, if prime say so. Section 6.5 Reference: Examples 3 and 4 Factor each polynomial completely. If a polynomial is prime say so. Note: See page 303 "Factoring a Difference or Sum of Two Cubes" to factor (m3+n3). This is a good example of factoring by long division and leads to the formula below

Motion Problem

If Sergio drove 300 miles (m) at (x+10) miles per hour(m/hr), the how many hours did he drive? Use the formula for "t" given above.

Simplify / Reduce the Expression (Radicals)

Simplify the following expression: (see attachment) Hint: The first step is to make the radical a perfect cube (so that exponent equals index) so as to eliminate the radical from the denominator. Note: A radical expression of index n is in simplified form if it has: ? no perfect nth powers as factors of the radicand ?

Law of Exponents (CD; Annual Rate of Return)

Ronnie invested P dollars in a 2-year CD with an annual rate of return of r. After the CD rolled over two times, its value was P((1+r)2)3. Which law of exponents can be used to simplify the expression? Simplify the expression.

Evaluate: Travel Time

Question: After leaving moose jaw, Hanson drove 200 kilometers at x km/hr and then decreased his speed by 20 km/hr and drove 240 additional kilometers. Make a table by writing a rational expression for his total traveling time. Evaluate the expression for x=100.

Algebra Equations Graphing

May I have step by step solutions to help me. thank you! I have the questions below as well as an attached word and pdf file. 1. Graph each equation to find the solution of the system. x - 2y = 4 2x + y = 6 2. Draw a line on the grid (the Cartesian plane) so that the system of no equations has NO solution. 3. Darle

Estimate the price of a copper and its concentration

Extracting metals from ore: Thomas Sherwood studied the relationship between the concentration of a metal in commercial ore and the price of the metal. The accompanying graph shows the Sherwood plot with the locations of several metals marked. Even though the scales on this graph are not typical, the graph can be read in the sam


I need to solve a system of vector loop equations, using the Newton-Raphson method and find the (x,y) coordinates of the coupler point. This problem (NEW ATTACHMENT) is listed in "Applied Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists" by Singiresu S. Rao: problem 2.3, page 139.

Polynomial Interpolation - Newton's method

(i) Use the tabulated data and Newton's method of divided differences to (a) calculate the degree three interpolating polynomial based on x_0, x_1, x_2, x_3 and (b) calculate the degree four interpolating polynomial based on x_0, x_1, x_2, x_3, x_4. x_k || 0 | -1 | 1 | 3 | 2 y_k || 5 | 15 | 3 | 47 | 9 (Use exact arithmeti

Understanding Alegbra.

I am having diffilculties understanding the whole concept of Real Numbers and Their Properties, Real Numbers, Fractions, Addition and Subtraction of Real Numbers, Exponential Expressions and the Order of Operations, Properties of the Real Numbers and Using the Properties to Simplify Expressions. What I need is a break-down of th

Spherically Symmetric Solution to the Helmholtz Equation

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Consider the inhomogeneous Helmholz equation in spherical coordinates.... ... FIND that solution to this equation which (i) is spherically symmetric, i.e. independent of theta and phi. (ii) is finite at ... (iii) expresses an outgoing wave i.e. ... at large (

Create a relational algebra expression for each of the seven queries

The following tables form part of a database held in a relational DBMS: Hotel (hotelNo, hotelName, city) Room (roomNo, hotelNo, type, price) Booking (hotelNo, guestNo, dateFrom, dateTo, roomNo) Guest (guestNo, guestName, guestAddress) where Hotel contains hotel details and hotelNo is the primary key; Room contains room d

7 Assorted Logarithm Problems

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. A. i) Find the natural logarithms of the values given as Items 8 and 9 on the worksheet. (Give your answer to 3d.p. where appropriate). ii) Refer to Item 10 on your worksheet. Using common logarithms find the value of 'x' and check your answer by numerical subst

Algebra 2

1. Find all zeros for f(x)=x^4-15x^3+70x-156 2. Solve 3^x+2=65 Round your answer 3 decimal places. 3. Solve 6^4x+5=3^7x-1 Round your answer 3 decimal places. 4. Solve logx=4.952 Round your answer to 3 decimal places. 5. Solve 2^3x=3^4x-2 Round your answer to 3 decimal places. Please

Simple algorithm using the big theta - notation

Sometimes a slight change in a problem can significantly alter the form of its solution. For example, find a simple algorithm for solving the following problem and classify it using big-theta notation: Divide a group of people into two disjoint subgroups (of arbitrary size) such that the difference in the total ages of the m

4444-Brownian Bridge

Category: Statistics Subject: Brownian Bridge Details: Let B(t) denote a process of Brownian motion. Let Q(t) be a Brownian Bridge process. Then, B(t)=(1+t) Q(t/(t+1)). Using the fact that P(max((b+B(t))/(1+t))>a)=exp(-2a(a-b)) show that for a Brownian Bridge Q(t) P(max(Q(u)>a)=exp(-2 a^2) where 0<=u<=1

RSA Cipher

Alice chooses two large prime numbers p and q. She finds their product, m=pq which is public. She also finds n= (p-1)(q-1) which is private. She chooses e which is a number relatively prime to n and finds d= the inverse of e (mod n). The number e is public and the number d is private. When Bob wants to send a message x (a number