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Graphing, Real-Life Applications, History of Log Functions

I am having a little trouble when it comes to Logarithms, trying to research about the history of them prior to 1614 & John Napier's contributions to their development may not be that bad but graphing is different.

How do I interpret natural logs, common logs & graph them?
10^x, log(x), e^x & In(x) for -5<x<5
The resulting graph's natural & common logs & their inverse functions, their behaviors
as x--> -&#8734; & x--> &#8734; based on the appearance of their graphs?

Researching & discussing how logarithms make scientific calculations easier & finding 2 different specific applications of logarithms in science & engineering may not be so bad.


Solution Summary

Common log functions are graphed and some history and real-life applications of log functions are discussed. Citations are included.