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Exponential and logarithmic functionss

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Many different kinds of data can be modeled using exponential and logarithmic functions. For example, exponential functions have been used by Thomas Malthus to describe the growth of human populations. Exponential growth has also been used to indicate how property values grow in strong real estate markets.

For this Discussion Board, create a set of data (find on web, textbook, etc.) that can be modeled as y = exp(x);
NOTE: This means y = ex
provide a reference to the data.
Plot the data using Excel, including the equation for the fit.
Do the same for data that can be modeled using y = log(x) or y = ln(x)
Two Excel charts. One for each equation.
Discuss characteristics of the functions
Have convincing results
It should look like a log or exponential
2 Paragraphs plus Excel files

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Exponential functions are quite useful in modeling in certain types of applications. In Physics and Chemistry, the rate of radioactive decay is modelled by exponential functions. The amount of radioactive particles left after a particular period of time is given by the product of the initial number of particles and exponential of negative of time times the decay constant. This is practically useful in calculating amounts of ...

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