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    Undefined Rational Expressions and Simplifying Expressions

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    1.Find the values (if any exist) that make the rational expression undefined.
    _____y(squared) + y + 1____

    2. Write the given rational expression with the indicated denominator.
    __4x___ = _______?________
    x+9 x(squared) +14x +45

    3. Simplify:
    x (squared) + 0x -64 divided by 8-x

    4. Perform the indicated multiplication and simplify:
    _____x-y_______ . _____x(squared)_____
    x(squared) + xy x(squared)-y(squared)

    5. Perform the indicated division and simplify:
    ____3y(squared)- 19y- 14___ ÷ _____3y (squared) - y- 2_____
    9y(squared)- 3y- 2 3y(squared) +19y-14

    6. Perform the indicated operations.
    _________2 _____ - __________1___________
    x(squared)-16y(squared) x(squared) -3xy-4y(squared)

    7. Perform the indicated operation and give the answer in simplified form.
    _x-3_ - _x+3_
    _x+3________ x-3_____
    _x-3_ + _x+3_
    x+3 x-3

    8. Perform the indicated division.
    12x(6th power) y(4th power)+12x(3rd power)y(squared)+10x(squared) y divided by 2x(squared) y(squared)

    9. Solve the given equation by using the cross products property of proportions.

    ___5____ = ___4___
    -5q-1 -3q+9

    10. An automobile travels 225 miles in the same time in which a small plane travels 650 miles. Find their speeds if the airplane is 85 mi/hr faster than the automobile. (Points: 10)
    A. automobile 55 mi/hr; plane 140 mi/hr
    B. automobile 45 mi/hr; plane 130 mi/hr
    C. automobile 40 mi/hr; plane 125 mi/hr
    D. automobile 50 mi/hr; plane 135 mi/hr

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