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Solving Equations and Evaluating Word Problems

1.) how do you evaluate this expression M^2-6m-8

2.) How do you evaluate this 2x6+28/4-7

3.) -4/7w=8

4.) How do you solve this for x? 1/5x-5/2= -8/3

5.) How do you use the distributive property to remove these parentheses?

6.) How do you graph this on a number line? x<1 or x>2

7.) A washer and dryer cost $706. the washer cost 56 dollars more than the dryer. what was the cost of the dryer?

8.) How do you solve for z? z-7>20

9.) What is an ordered pair for 6a+b=9 (a,b=?)

10.) How do you solve for w? 8(w+7)+2w=-4

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