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Basic Algebra

Need these Algebra problems explained

(See attached file for full problem description) --- ALGEBRA Please add a bit more detail to each problem as to how the answers were derived. Thanks! 1. Perform the indicated operation: (x3 - 2x2 - 4x + 3)  (x - 3) Since x3 - 2x2 - 4x + 3 = (x - 3) ( ), we have (x3 - 2x2 - 4x + 3)  (x - 3) =


Use the discriminant to determine whether each quadratic polynomial can be factored, then factor the ones that are not prime. / Solve each inequality. State the solution set using interval notation and Graph it. PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT/ THANKS

Functions and Graphs

Hi--we are currently working on composite functions. I am having difficulty getting started with this problem. A company that sells radios has a yearly fixed cost of $600,000. It costs the company $45 to produce each radio. Each radio will sell for $65. The company's costs and revenue are modeled by the following functio

Equations with Rational Expressions & Ratios

55. Solve the Equation: 14/(a^2 - 1) + 1/(a -1) = 3(a +1) 64. The student-teacher ratio for Washington High was reported to be 27.5 to 1. If there are 42 teachers, then how many students are there?

Root of a cubic equation

This is a bonus question I'm working on for an exam coming up. Find the exact root of X^3 + X -1 = f(x). I need to find it in the format: The exact root of X^2-x-1=0 is x=1+ or - the square root of 5 divided by 2. (Not a decimal or regular fractional number.) I got all the others, but I just can't get this one. Thank

I need to find an exact root

I am having trouble finding the exact root of x^3+x-1.....I can figure out that the exact root of x^2-x-1= 0 is x= 1+/- the square root of 5 divided by two...but the other has me stumped!!!! Please help!!

Real Numbers

Please show formula and steps if aswers are different? 1. Find decimal notation for -4/25. __x_a. -0.16 ____b. -0.4 ____c. -0.4 ____d. -6.25 2. Find the absolute value: -/-6.8/. ____a. -8.6 ____b. -6.8 __x_c. 6.8 ____d. 8.6 3. Add: -6+12+(-5)+3 ____a. -8 ____b. 4 ____c. 14 _x__d. 26 4. A

Solving Algebraic Equations for a Given Variable

? 49. Automobile Sales. The Ratio of sports cars to luxury cars sold in Wentworth one month was 3 to 2. If 20 more sports cars were sold than luxury cars, then how many of each were sold? ? 15. ? 18. find the value of the indicated variable. ? 25. In the formula of: for p if

Solving Quadratic Equations (6 Problems)

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Finding The Last Term. Find the perfect square trinomial whose first two terms are given 31. Solve by completing the square. Use Calculator to check. 52. 58. Two Irrational Solutions. Solve each equation by using

20 Quadratic Equation Questions : Word problems and Complex Roots

(Full Problem Set found in attachment) ----- 7 questions on Quadratic Equations by Factoring: 1) Using the factoring method, solve for the roots of each equation. Place equation in standard form before factoring. Check your solutions and show the check. 3x2 = 75 2) Using the factoring method, solve

Solving quadratic equations by factoring

Hello-- I am having a problem with factoring a quadratic equation. Here is the question 6x^2+11x-10=0 Please do a problem like this--maybe 4x^2-11x+8=0 because I would like to work this out myself but I would like more of an idea of what I am doing wrong so I can practice and get the correct answer. Thank you very much.

Decimal Notation

1. Write a word name for 8.032. ____a. Eight and thirty-two tend-thousandths ____b. Eight thousand and thirty-two ____c. Eight and thirty-two hundredths __x_d. Eight and thirty-two thousandths 2. Write fraction notation for 7.319. ____a. 7319/10 ____b. 7319/100 _x__c. 7319/1000 ____d. 7319/10,000 3. Writ