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Basic Algebra

Arrange desk to achieve maximum distance for 5 situations

Mary is 3 supervisor in a large office. The secretaries are constantly talking to each other. Mary 's concerned that this constant jabbering back and forth is causing low efficiency in T.e office. She decides to separate the secretaries by the greatest possible distance within the confines of the office. Your task is to decide

Applications of Polynomial Functions: Finding Zeroes and Maximizing

F(x)=-x^4+12x^3-58x^2+132x The concentration of a drug, f(x), in parts per million, in a patients's blood x hours after the drug is administered is given by the function. I need to make a graph of the following: a) how many hours after the drug is administered will it be eliminated from the patients's bloodstream b) how

Algebra and Graphing Problems

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Algebra problems DIRECTIONS: It is a little trickier to do online because of the graphs. For the equations/inequalities that require a graphical solution, you will have to describe what part of your graph provides the answer. If you scan in your work, then in


How do I solve an equation with 2 logarithms added on the left-hand side and only a number on the right-hand side? The process is shown using the example log4(x+4)+log4(x-8)=3.

Translating word phrases into algebraic expressions.

Jeff's Gas Station sells regular unleaded gasoline for a dollar per gallon and premium gasoline for $1.76 less than twice the amount of regular unleaded gasoline. What is the cost of 1 gallon of premium gasoline?

Solving equalities.

Solve the open sentence. If there are no solutions or if it is true for all real numbers then indicate so. x + 11 < -1 or -1/2x < -4

Modern algebra

(a) Let F = { (matrix with first row; a 0, second row is 0 a) : a is an element of R Show that F is a field and that F ~= R (b) Give the definition of a cyclic group Prove that every subgroup H of a cyclic group G =<a> is itself cyclic