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Logarithm Functions

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a) Using a calculator, find log 1000 where log means log to the base of 10.

b) Most calculators have 2 different logs on them: log, which is base 10, and ln, which is base e. In computer science, digital computers are based on the binary numbering system which means that there are only 2 numbers available to the computer, 0 and 1. When a computer scientist needs a logarithm, he needs a log to base 2 which is not on any calculator. To find the log of a number to any base, we can use a conversion formula as shown here: log b (a)= (log a)/(log b).

Using this formula, find log 2 1,000. Round your answer to the hundredth's place.

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The solution explains logarithms. It also shows how to use a calculator -- which can only calculate log (base 10) and ln (base e) -- to find the logarithm using any base.

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a) Using a calculator, find log 1000 where log means log to the base of 10.


Logarithms are very similar to exponents. This problem (find log 1000) is the same as finding the value of the question mark in the equation log 1000 = ?. If you re-write this problem with exponents, it becomes ...

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