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Basic Algebra

Simplified Radical Expression

I received your response to my problem the square root of 12 times the square root of 2 minus the square root of 7. I did not indicate that the square root of 2 minus the square root of 7 was in parenthesis. I am having difficulty understanding this concept, and my final exam is tomorrow.

Convert Equation into given form (numerator dependent on s)

[(Kp * s + Ki)/s] * (K * Km) / [s[(Ls+R)(Js+b) + K^2m)]] I want to get the above into the form of d / [s^3 + a s^2 + b s + c] Please give complete solution. I want the numerator dependent on s. All the other values are given other than s. I just need it into that form.

Quadratic function

Questions (also attached): Graph each equation and state its domain and range. 27) g(x)= x 2 + 2 28) f(x)= x 2 - 4 32) y= 2x 2 + 3 Graph each square root and state its domain and range. __ 34) g(x) = √ x - 1 _____ 36) f(x) = √x + 1

Modern algebra - Extension field

Please see attachment. P/S: To show subfield please show a) closed under addition, and multiplication b) additive identity and additive inverse c) closed under reciprocal


Please work on question A1 from this practice exam. A thin layer of water thickness d=0.5cm is heated from below. The bottom of the layer is held at temperature... Please see attached.

Word Problem : How much will each party pay?

The Gooch family, the McCoy family, a bachelor and a couple without children have decided to buy a summer home together. They will divide the purchase price according to the size of each family. The house costs $264,000. The smaller of the two families- the McCoys - have 2 children and will carry one third of the cost. The large


( 3 x - 5) ( x +1) ( x - 6) = 0 ( 3x - 6) (3x - ½ ) = 0 Please see attached for full question.

Simplify the expressions.

Solve the following... 4 5 √3 √4 ________ 3 √6 3√11 + 4√11- 7√11 _________________ (√X + 3) (√X - 3)

Radicals and Radical Expressions (15 Problems)

All variable in the following exercises represent positive numbers. Simplify the sum and differences. Give exact answers. Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.