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Finding Equation Products

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1. Find the product: 6a-4(a5 + 3x2)

2. Find the product: {(-3x3)2}2(-4x4)3

3. Find the GCF (Greatest Common Factor) for the following group of polynomials:

A) 7yx3, 21x3y

B) (x - y), (x4 - y4), (x2 - y2)

4. Perform the indicated operation and write the result as a polynomial in the standard form:
(y - 6)(7y + 3)(7y2 - 3)

5. Simplify the quotient: (-10x7y3z11)/(z-10y2)

6. Simplify the radical: {(8a3/64b-9)}1/3

7. Factor the polynomial completely: 16h4 - 81

8. Factor the polynomial completely: 8x3y - 2x2y2 - xy3

9. Factor the polynomial completely: 16x4a4 - 81y4b4
Using the difference of two squares formula, we can write:

10. Find the LCD for the given rational expressions:

A) (5/40), (7/20)
B) (1/3x3), (3/2x5)

11. Perform the indicated operation:

{2z/(z2 - 25)} + {3z/(z + 5)}

12. Find the perfect trinomial whose first two terms are:

y2 - 5y

13. Find the vertex, x and y intercepts, domain, and range of the function:

y = -2x2 + 13x - 6

Does the graph of the function open up or down?

14. A: Solve the following equation:

p2 + 6p = 0

A: By completing the square
B: By factoring
C: By using the quadratic formula
D: Do the results in A, B, C differ from each other? Why or Why not?

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