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    Combustion Reactions and Thermochemistry

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    Liquid Octane at 25C, 1 bar is burned with air at 500K in a steady flow combustor. The products of combustion are cooled to 1400K, 1 bar and have the following volumetric analysis on a dry basis: 10.7% [email protected]; 3.6% CO; 5.3% O_2 and 80.4% N_2. Determine the percentage excess air supplied, the dewpoint of the products and the heat transfer per kilomole of fuel during the combustion process.

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    a) Finding air excess percentage

    We will use following notations:
    rx = the molar (volumetric) percentage of component "x" in a mixture
    Mx = molar mass (kg/kmol)
    hx = specific enthalpy of component "x" (kJ/kg)
    Hx = molar specific enthalpy (kJ/kmol)
    Rx = gas constant ...

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