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Heat of Combustion

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1) Calculate the heat of combustion for C2H6 from the following information:
C2H4+3O2-> 2CO2+2H2O

2) Discuss the idea that the standard of living in society might be measured in units of kJ/person available in that society.

The unit itself is called energy in chemical reactions if that helps.

I attached the exact questions and they are 47 and 48 that need to be solved.

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This solution explains:

1) How to calculate the heat of combustion of C2H6 using Hess's Law.

2) Explains how standard of living can be measured in kJ/person.

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I used the attached file to find the enthalpy of formation values on the right of the chemical equations.

If you look to the right of the equations added during the explanation, each reaction has a heat value. If I reveresed the reaction, that value switched signs. If I doubled the reaction, I doubled the heat. In the end, I added up the three values for the three reactions I combined for the reaction.

1) ...

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