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Basic Algebra

Investigating trios.

Q. Three whole numbers, greater then zero can be used to form a trio. example: (1,2,2) is a trio whose sum is 1+2+2=5 And (2,1,2) is a different trio whose sum is also 5 How many trios can you find with a sum of 5?

Point of Intersection of Line

The equations of two lines are 4x-5y = -15 and y = 4/5x -6 Which of the following describes their point of intersection? A) (5,-2) B) (-5,1) C) (10,-5) D) (No intersection)

Least Squares to Measure Wavefronts

1)We wish to measure a wavefront u(x,y) on a 3X3 grid (see the attached file). The sensor how ever provides us only with differences between grid points. There is sensor noise, so the difference measurements may not be consistent. Number the grid points linearly and set up a set of linear equations (matrix form) relating the

Polynomials Real Values

Solve, find the solution set, solve for the real values - see attachment Solve for x: x + 1 - x > 1 2 5 a. { x _ x > 5 } 3 b. { x _ x > 3 } c. { x _ x > - 4 } 3 d. { x _ -2 < x < 5 } Find the solution set for x = 2 + __1___ 1 + x

solve logarithmic equations.

Lnx+ln(x+2)=4 3^x=45 x=log17 96 I did not know how to put the 17 lower than the log lnx for x=e^x f(6) for x^2+3x-2/x^2-6x=f(x)

Solving equations

For the equation, 5r-3s=24 and 3r+5s=28 solve for r and s by 1. substitution 2. elimination 3. matrix methods (except Cramer's rule) 4. Cramer's rule 5. Graphically

Word problem dealing with volume and perimeter.

A landscaper just finished a garden measuring 6' by 10'. They just have enough money to lay down a concrete path 3" thick using 1 cubic yard of concrete. How wide is the path if it goes completely around the garden?

Depreciation of assets

The attached file contains a worked example from a textbook. Explain it. Neglecting income taxes and assuming an interest rate of 0%, calculations for determining the most economic replacement interval are as follows. See Attached

Solving Polynomials Equations

Determine the total number of solutions (including complex and repeated) of the following equations. 1.) 4x^3 - 7x^2 + 5x - 9 = 0 2.) 8x^6 - 3x^4 - 11x^3 - 2x^2 + 4 = 0 3.) x^5 + 2x^3 - 4x^2 + 7x = 12 4.) -3x^4 + 2x^3 + 15x^2 - x + 1 = 8

Finding the intersection point between two hikers.

Ronald and Rosa are hiking. Ronald hikes 4 miles per hour. Rosa hikes 5 miles per hour. Ronald leaves camp at 8 am for the trail. Rosa leaves camp at 10 am for the trail. At what time will Rosa catch up to Ronald? Where will they be on the trail? How many miles will they be from camp? If they keep hiking for another 2 hours, how

A discussion about global economic inequalities.

Assistance & Guidance needed on the following academic problem: The world GNP keeps rising with the world population. This is as it should be. However, the distribution of this wealth is also transforming, so that a minority are becoming very rich indeed, while both the numbers and the proportion living in relative (some s

Simplifying Algebraic Equations

I can't understand how to simplify the equations for example 7x to the 3rd power times 3y to the 2nd power. I am not sure how to simplify them. Can anyone please help me?

Roots and polynomials

If z is an n-th term of 1, show taht 1+z+z^2+z^3+....+z^n-1=0. Solve the equation with n=5 and hence factorize 1+z+z^2+z^3+z^4 into linear factors with complex coefficient and then into quadratic factors with real coefficients.

Introduction to Proofs Types

Describe the steps in and/or define how to accomplish the following types of proofs: a. That two sets are equal. b. That two sets are disjoint. c. A proof by contra-positive. d. A proof by contradiction. e. A proof by Mathematical Induction. (Question is repeated in attachment)