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Basic Algebra

Algebra: System of Equations

Solve: 6x + 2y - 4z = 15 -3x - 4y + 2z = -6 4x - 6y + 3z = 8 My book says this is an elimination problem and the book also says the answer is (2,-1/2,-1) I just cannot figure out all of the steps....help!

Algebra: Equation of Circle, Expansion and Difference Quotient

1. The circle which has its center at the center of the hyperbola 4x2 +16x - 9y2 + 18y = 29 and whose diameter is the line segment between the vertices, what is the equation. 2. The coefficient of x7y9 in the expansion of (x-2) is? 3. Let f(x) = 2x + 1 , g(x) = x2 - 1 , and h(x) = square root (x + 1). Find the expansion for

Logs and laws of exponents

Logs and laws of exponents Use the laws of exponents to write in terms of logarithm of x and y. see attached' Use Law of Exponents to write as a single logarithm.

Algebra: Solution Set, Asymptote, Solve for X

1. In interval notation, the solution set of -(5x + 1) < 4x - 19 is? 2. A horizontal asymptote for f(x)= 2 + 1/x2 is? 3. The value of 17C3 is? 4. Solve for x: absolute value ( 7x - 1) <3

Simple Prolog Assignment

PROLOG Due 7/10 NOTE: For your homework, you are not allowed to use the builtin predicate definitions. If, for example, you want to use member/2, create you own version called mymember/2 (or something). Same for append, reverse, sort, and many others.You may use any builtin numeric operators, 'is', the '[' ']' brackets f

Conversion Factors : Excavation

How many cubic yards must one have to excavate using the following guidelines: Driveway size 16 X 17 Paver thickness 2 3/8 Sand bedding 400 Lbs Base compacted 6"

20 Algebra Questions

Complete the algebra questions in attachment 1. Find the domain of the given function. 2. Reduce the given expression to lowest terms. 3. Find the solution set of the given equation. Match your result to the correct answer below. 4. Convert the given expression into an equivalent expression that has the indicated denominator

Algebra: Ellipses and Circles

1. Find the center of the ellipse given by 64x2 + 4y2 + 128x - 80y +208 = 0 2. Find the radius of the circle defined by x22 + y2 - 6x -16y = 48 3. The distance between the foci of the ellipse defined by 9(x + 6)2 + 25(y - 15)2 = 225 4. What is the coefficient of x3 in the expansion of (2+ x)5

Algebra: Sequences and Expansions

1. The coefficient of x6y4 in the expansion of (2x-y)10 is ? 2. An arithmetic sequence has a=15 and the common difference d=-3/2. Find the value of 10 over Sigma k=5 ak = the kth term of the sequence. 3. Find the 3rd term in the expansion of (x+6)10.

Graphing feasible regions of inequalities.

Graphing feasible regions of inequalities. In this type of problem we have to plot some graph in which we have to show feasible regions of inequalities. for example Graph the feasible region of each inequality. -2 < x < 2 y > 1 x - y > 0

Functions: Simplifying an expression and limits

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Let f(x) = sqrt of x, and show that in this case (f(x+h)-f(x))(f(x+h)+f(x))=h. Use this result to give a simplified expression for f(x+h)-f(x)/h. When f(x) = sqrt x what is lim h-->0 f(x+h)-f(x)/h ?

Foundation of maths questions

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. 1: Use the Euclidean Algorithm to find the Highest Common Factor of 1176 and 1960. 2: Use the rules of natural deduction to prove ((A --> (B -->C)) -->((A B)--> C)). [12 marks] 3: Use the rules of natural deduction to prove (A (B U C)) ((A B) C) [14 ma

Solving for X, Parabolas, Systems of Equations and Maximization

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problem(s). 13. Solve for x algebraically. 14. Find the vertex, focus, and directrix of the parabola given by the equation. 15. Solve the system of equations. 16. Maximize C = 6x +7y with the constraints:

Solving 5 Example Algebra Problems

Use the Rational Zero Theorem to list possible rational zeros for the polynomial: P(x) =x^3+3 x^2-6x-8 Use Descartes' Rule of Signs to determine both the number of possible positive and the number of possible negative real zeros of the polynomial. P(x) = 2 x^3 + x^2 - 25 x + 12 Use the given zero to find the remaining

Algebra: Graphing Functions and Quadratic Equations

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problem(s). Practice Problems Directions: Show work to support your final result. Examples requiring mathematical work to support the result must be included, if final answer is correct but supporting work is missing. Examples that require a graph DO NOT need the gr

Algebra: Systems of Equations Word Problem

Mrs Fields scored a 1360 on the S.A.T.s. In the math section, she scored 260 more than the verbal section. What were her two scores for each section? Write an equation and solve. math:.... verbal:.....

Algebra practice problems: Equations

Solve any 6 equations/inequalities by the indicated method. If no method is indicated then you can solve either algebraically or graphically. Solution by graphing requires a sketch of the graph or a written description of the graph and where the solution lies. Solve any 6 equations/inequalities by the indicated method. If

Rearranging an Algebraic Formula: Bass Curve

I have a formula, known as the Bass Curve Formula, that I would like rearranged. The formula generates an S curve that initially grows slowly, then accelerates before slowing down and plateauing. (See example) I would like the formula to be rearranged to find a variable (p). Please find the attached file for a detailed e