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Algebra Problem Set

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Math Puzzle. See attached file for full problem description.

3 - 4(2 - 1)=?

For y = -2x - 6
slope = ?
y-intercept = ?

Solve this system of equations: x + y=5 and 3x - 5y= -9
Y = ?

For x/3 - y/6 = 5, what is the Lowest Common Multiple, that is, what do you multiply all terms by to eliminate the denominators?

What is the reciprocal of 1/7?

What is opposite of 4?

If this slope (m = 2/x) is undefined, what is x?

What is y for this system: 4x - 4y = 6 and -2x + 4y = 5

For this inequality after it has been simplified: -18 < 3(x+2) <= 33
What is the lower boundry?
What is the upper boundry?

For the graph of y = -8x/15 + 16/3 and y = -11x/5 - 3
What is the y-intercept of y = -11x/5 - 3?
What is the x-intercept of y = -x/2 + 5 ?
What is the x-coordinate for the intersection point of the two lines?
What is the y-coordinate for the intersection point of the two lines?

Find solutions for this equation: |x + 4| = 3.

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A. A Motto for Algebra. This Discussion Question is a bit different. A little fun for the last team assignment and a mini-review. Using code template, find the motto for this class. Find the answer using questions below. Wherever a number appears in the table below, put in the letter you've decoded from the number. I've solved N/0(zero) and K/10 for you to get started. Submit the solutions as well as the answer.

All of the work is in red. If you need more information on how to solve these problems, let me know.

Coding Table:
Letter Number Map
A -1 3-4(2-1)=? = ...

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