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    Graphing and Fitting Data to Different Kinds of Functions

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    As the financial manager of ABC computers, you are ready to make some decisions.
    You are trying to see where revenues are going?is the company ready to expand, and if so, when? There is a lot of data that you have, but columns of numbers are not as easy to understand as a graph.

    You plot revenue as a function of time. You do not want to just know what has happened in the past, you want to create a model that will help you predict what will happen to revenues in the future. You can do this if you can fit the data to some function, such as an exponential, quadratic, rational, polynomial, or log plot.

    To increase your understanding of these, choose one equation of each type: linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential, and log. Plot each equation on the same graph. Discuss and compare the appearance of each graph. Describe the plot's shape, the effect of any constants, and behavior for very large or very small x or y.

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