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    Functions of Amino Acids Throughout the Body

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    Classify six kinds of amino acids according to the functions that they serve in the human body, stating an example for each class.

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    There are around 20 major amino acids that are important to the body as well as hundreds of minor amino acids. These amino acids keep the body healthy, and deficiency in just a single amino acid can lead to problems. The major amino acids, as well as some of the minor ones, can be categorized in six different ways. Probably the best method of the six different categorizations is classifying amino acids by function that they serve to the body, and under this categorization they can be placed into seven different groups with some amino acids fitting into multiple groups.

    1. Neurotransmitter amino acids - Amino acids of this group are needed to help with signaling throughout the nervous system and between brain cells. Without these amino acids, serious mental health problems and with neurotransmitters may result. The specific amino acids that are a part of this group are: asparagines, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, gamma amino butyric acid, glutamine, phenylalanine, ...

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    The functions of amino acids throughout the body are determined.