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Speed and distance

1.The speed at which light travels is approximately 3.0 × 105 kilometers per second. How far will light travel in 1.5 × 101 seconds? 2. The distance from Earth to the planet Jupiter is approximately 4.5 × 108 miles. If a spaceship traveled at a speed of 2.5 × 104 miles per hour, how many hours would it take the spaceshi

Some algebra questions involving rates

Gaining and losing weight are matters of caloric accounting: Calories in the food you eat minus Calories that you spend in activity. One pound of human body fat contains approximately 3,500 Calories. Based on information provided: Running 7 minute miles burns 979 calories per hour. Swimming at 2mph burns 408 calories per

Factor completely

Factor completely: 4k2 + 12k + 9 a. ( 2k - 9 )( - 3k + 1) b. ( 2k + 3 )2 c. ( 2k - 3 )2 d. ( 2k + 3 )( 2k - 3) Question 2 Factor completely: x2 - 100 a. ( x + 10 )( x - 12 ) b. ( x + 10 )( x + 10 ) c. ( x - 10 )( x - 10 ) d. ( x + 10 )( x - 10 )

Let a sequence be defined on the x-axis as follows

Respected Sir / Madam, I need following question to be answered. Please mention each and every step. Please explain every thing. Text Book:- Taylor & Menon. Page 523 Exercise Problem. Page 526 Exercise Problem Thanking you

Subspace Proof Question

Linear Algebra Let V belonging to R^n be a subspace. Show that V belongs to (V^1)^1. Do you think more is true?

Horizontal and Vertical Asymptotes

1. How do you determine the vertical asymptotes, given the equation of a rational function? Illustrate with an example. Why can't the graph of that function cross the assymptote? Describe what happens to the graph of a function as the value of the independent variable approaches its vertical asymptote. 2. How do you determin

Graphing Parabolas

The parabola opens upward. The vertex is (0, 0). And the line of symmetry is y-axis. (2, 7) is the other point in this problem.

Word problems

1. Word problems seem to daunt practically everyone. Discuss why they seem intimidating to you (or why not, if they don't). Do you believe that most of the problems we face in our daily life are word problems? Examples? 2. You are in the wonderful position of having to select a job from one of two offers you have just recei

Solving Equations

Solving by equation x = 3x - 5 x/3 = 6 y/3 + 5 = 8 -8 = 2x/9 Find f(1) for f(x) = x3 + x2 - 1 A function gives the value of C as 2 ´ (22/7) ´ r. Find C when r = 14 cm and r = 70 cm.

Solving Equations

5.5 #48 Solve and check the following equation for X 5.6 # 6 If one-half of one integer is subtracted from three-fifths of the next consecutive integer, the difference is three. What are the 2 integers? 5.7 #10 Simplify the complex fraction There should

Calculations Using Gas Mileage

Can you write an equation for calculating the distance you can go if your car has a tank that holds G gallons of gas and your car gets M miles per gallon? How about one that calculates the cost of driving that car 200 miles to grandma's house?

Rental costs

A truck can be rented from basic rental for $50. per day. in addition, you have to be $0.20 per mile. continental charges $20. per day in addition to $0.50 per mile to rent out the same truck. How many miles must you drive in a day to make the rental cost for basic rental a better deal than that for continental?

Overlapping ellipses

Outline the approach you think might best solve the problem and attempt a solution. Consider two identical overlapping ellipses, such that the endpoint ( on longer axis) of one corresponds to the centre point (where axes of symmetry meet) of the other. Calculate the area of overlap.

Iterative method

Please see the attached file. Iterative method - Two bodies are connected by springs of stiffness, K1, K¬2 and K3 and of natural lengths l1, l2 and l3 as shown in figure 1 Task Develop an iterative method to solve X1,X2 and X3 and implement this in Excel


I am coming up with a fraction of - 5/3, 3 as the solution to this problem but it does not seem correct. Please assist. 3x^2 - 4x = 15


Please demonstrate as I am struggling with these problems.