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Vertical Pole Supports and Anchors

1st one- One leg of an isosceles right triangle measures 12 meters long. Find the length of the hypotenuse of the triangle.? Would it be 12 over the sq rt of 2 2nd one A wire is needed to support a vertical pole 18ft tall. A cable will be anchored to a stake and it forms a 30 degree with the ground. nearest tenth... How fa

Application Word Problem : Distance, Time and Speed - Object thrown Upward

An object is projected vertically upward from the top of a building with an initial velocity of 144 ft/second. It's distance, s(t) in feet above the ground after t seconds is given by the equation: s(t)=-16^2+144t+100 - find the maximum height, s(t), of the object above the ground. - find the height of the building, th

Fields Extensions/Algebraic

Let F be an extension field of K. Clearly F is a vector space over K. Let u be an element of F. Show that the subspace spanned by {1, u, u^2, ...} is a field IF and ONLY IF (iff) u is algebraic over K. Let S be the subspace of F. Hint for the "-->" of proof. If S is a field and u is not equal to 0, then 1/u is in S. What d

Help with solution

Solve each system by the addition method # 9 x - y = 12 2x + y = 3 # 10 x - 2y = 1 -- x + 5y = 4 # 11 2x - y = 5 3x + 2y = 3 # 12 3x + 5y = 11 x - 2y = 11 # 18 x + y= 13 22x + 36y = 356 Solve each system by the addition method. D

Finding the Equation of a Line Given a Slope and a Point

The line with the slope -6 that goes through (-1,-7) The line with the slope -8 that goes through (-1,-5) A developer prices condominiums in Florida at 20,000 plus $40 per square foot of living area. Express the cost C as a function of the number of square feet of living area s. The threshold weight for an individual is

A stationary car A is passed by a car B moving

A stationary car A is passed by a car B moving with a constant velocity of 15m/s. Two seconds later, car A starts moving with a constant acceleration of 1m/s^2 in the same direction.(If car has constant velocity acceleration must be zero) a) Using the formula s=ut + 1/2at^2,where s is the distance from the starting point in m

Velocity, Time and Distance of a Rock After it has been Thrown

If a rock is thrown into the air on small planet with a velocity of 25 meters/second, its height in meters after t seconds is given by V = 25t ? 4.9t2. Find the velocity of the rock when t=3 A particle moves along a straight line and its position at time t is given by s(t) = 2t3 ? 27t2 + 108t where s is measured in meters and t

Algebra Concepts Check

Week two DQ 1 1) How can you differentiate between a formula and an equation? For example. Week two DQ 2 2) What are some "Pitfalls" to watch out for in? A. Using the addition property in solving for X? B. Using the multiplication property in solving for? For example. Week two DQ 3 3) how do you remember

Whole number and polygon

Task1 some whole numbers can be written as the sum of consecutive whole numbers. for example: 5=2+3 12=3+4+5 some whole numbers can be written as the sum of consecutive whole numbers in more than one way. for example: 9=4+5=2+3+5 which whole numbers can be written as the sum of consecutive whole numbers? can they


In a basketball game scrimmage, the Toros scored a total of 103 points and made three times as many field goals (2 points each) as free throws (1 point each). They also made eleven 3 point baskets. How many field goals and free throws were made?

Simple Statistics word problem - 100 soldiers are required...

As a test 100 soldiers are required to complete 9 weeks of training 18 percent of them fail due to the short period of 9 weeks. If 2 more weeks are added, what would be the percentage of failures? Feel free to answer in an attachment if needed. I need to see how to solve this type problem in a statistical manner. You may a

Application Problems: Velocity, Distance and Cost of Production

A 40,000 lb. rocket is launched from sea level straight up, then falls back to earth. The total flight time was 160 seconds. The rocket reached it's apex in 1 minute and 20 seconds. What altitude did the rocket reach before falling back to miles? The assembly operation takes two minutes for an operator to perform

Arithmetic sequence

How do I find the 40th term of the arithmetic sequence knowing the general term An=(Asubscript n -1)n-3? The first term in A1=9

Solving a quartic equation

I can not factor or group this to set it equal to zero to determine the solution. Can you help me? 4x^4-65x^2+16=0

Fixing a Budget

This is a sample budget prepared by Dick and Jane who are both employed. Dick is paid weekly and brings home a check for $350.00 each week. Jane is paid every two weeks and brings home a check for $500.00 each pay day. Jane sometimes receives an additional amount for paid overtime and Dick receives a bonus from time to time.

Word problem

I've attached the file. I need to know if I'm going in the right direction (in the red font), if not could you explain? (See attached file for full problem description) --- A person has 14 close friends. (a) How many ways can she invite 8 of her 14 close friends to a holiday get-together. Explain. (b) Suppose tha

Finding Products and Simplifying Exponents

Please help with the following problems. I need more detail on each problem how the solution was achieved using these steps. Thanks for your help. 2. Find the product: (x - 2)(x + 3)(x - 4) (x - 2)(x + 3)(x - 4) = 3. Simplify without having negative exponents: (- 3s-3t2)-2 (- 3s-3t2)-2 4. Conve

Word problem

Value Rent-A Car rents a luxury car at a daily rate of $43.81 plus 5 cents per mile. A business person is allotted $100 a day. How many miles can the business person travel for $100.

Quadratic Problem

R2^2 -RAR2 + RBRA = 0 NOW THE QUADRATIC EQ IS - b +/- SQRT B^2 - 4AC / 2A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE PROBLEM STARTED OFF R1 + R2 = RA AND R1 = RA -R2, THEN RB = R1R2/R1+R2. EVERYTHING WAS SOLVED FOR RB UNTIL THE ABOVE ANSWER OF R2^2 -RAR2 + RBRA = 0. THE P

Heat Equation : Temperature Distribution on a Brass Rod

9. The temperature distribution u(x, t) in a 2-m long brass rod is governed by the problem ...... (a) Determine the solution for u(x, t). (b) Compute the temperature at the midpoint of the rod at the end of 1 hour. (c) Compute the time it will take for the temperature at that point to diminish to 5° C. (d) Compute the ti

Polynomial word problem

The width of a badminton court is 24 feet less than its length. Find polynomials that represent its perimeter and area. The actual length of a badminton court is 44 feet. Evaluate these polynomials to find the perimeter and area of the court.

IV Rate Working Examples

1. Your patient is admitted from the Emergency Department with a dopamine infusion running at 16 ml/hour. The dopamine bag is labeled as 400 mg dopamine in 500 D2W. Your patient weighs 50 kg. Calculate the dose the patient is receiving. Your answer should be in mcg/kg/minute. 2. Patient is an 18-month-old experiencing profo