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Determine whether each relation is a function: x^2 = 1 + y^2 y = (square root of x + 5) Determine the domain and range of each relation y = 2x - 3 Graph each function and state the domain and range y = 0.3x y = l x-2 l

Basic Math

1) Is the ratio between number of workers and time required to complete a job direct or indirect? 2) The formula for profit (P) is cost (C) minus overheard (O). Write an equation for profit and then translate it to solve for cost 3) Solve for t d=rt My solution was t=d/t. Is that correct 4) Solve for S (C-S)/n=R

Writing Equations from Word Problems

1. A quantity of 13% acid solution is being diluted with 3% acid solution. The final solution must be 8% acid and contain 90 ml. How much of each solution must be combined to accomplish this? 2. A rectangular fence is to be constructed with 500ft of fencing. The length of the fence is to be 3.5 times the width of the fen

How long, in seconds, does she have to get out of the way ( a story is 12 feet).

The height (h) (in feet) of an object that is dropped from the height of (s) feet is given the formula h=s-16t^2, where (t) is the time the object has been falling. A 5 foot tall woman on a sidewalk looks overhead and sees a window washer drop a bottle from the fifth story. How long, in seconds, does she have to get out of the w

Completing the Square

4. Solve by completing the square: Radicands must be enclosed within [ ]. x2 + 4x + 2 = 0

Solving Equations

1. Square root 0f x-1=3 2. The square root of x3 = 8 3. The square root of x2 = x an identity (true for all values of x)? 4. V = s3. Find the length of a side of a cube if the Volume is 729 cm3.

Finding the equation of a line.

Whenever a formula is used, begin by typing the formula you intend to use. Make sure to subscript where appropriate. Find the equation, in slope intercept form, of the line that passes through the points (-7, -2) and (-4, 1).

Equation of a Line

Write an equation of the line that passes through the given point and is parallel to the given line. Write answer in slope intercept form. (0, 3), 5y-40x =1 a. y= 8x - 3 b. y= -1/8 x + 3 c. y= -1/3 x + 8 d. y= -1/8 x + 8 e. y= 8 x+ 3

Algebra - Frequency Distribution Concepts

1. The objective of statistics is best described as: A) To make inferences about a sample based on information we get from a population B) To use population mean, ? as an estimate of the sample mean, C) To make inferences about a population based on information we get from a sample taken from the population D) To make in

Direct sum

Equivalent characterizations of a vector space expressible as a direct sum of two subspaces

Checkerboard Problem : Sums of Geometric Sequences

Get your checkerboard and place one grain of wheat on the first square. Then place two grains of wheat on the next square. Then place four grains on the third square. Continue this until all 64 squares are covered with grains of wheat." As he had just harvested his wheat, Mr. Crane did not consider this much of an award, but he

Writing and Solving Equations from Word Problems

If the speed of a car is a linear function of time in seconds and 10 is less than or equal to t for time is less than or equal to 30. if after each second the speed of the car increases by 5 feet per second and after 20 seconds the speed feet per second is 80 feet per second how fast is the car going after 30 seconds?

Parabolas : Vertex, x-intercepts and y-intercept.

For equation y = - 3x^2 - 4x + 4, find the vertex, x-intercepts, and y-intercept. Do not graph the equation. keywords : find, finding, calculating, calculate, determine, determining, verify, verifying, evaluate, evaluating, calculate, calculating, prove, proving

Writing Equations from Word Problems - Airplane

A six-passenger plane cruises at 180 mph in calm air. If the plane flies 7 miles with the wind in the same amount of time as it flies 5 miles against the wind, then what is the wind speed?

Expressing Roots of Quadratic Equations

If (x + 2)(x - 4) = 0 indicates that x + 2 = 0 or x - 4 = 0, explain why (x + 2)(x - 4) = 6 does not mean x + 2 = 6 or x - 4 = 6. Could we solve the equation using x + 2 = 3 and x - 4 = 2 because (3)(2) = 6?

Divisibility of Sequences

Let m, n be in N, with m, n >= 1 and n odd. Let S_m = 1^n + 2^n + 3^n + ... + m^n. Prove that S_m is divisible by 1+2+...+m.

Solving Equations

Where the solution is x = 104/25 please break this problem down to solution showing each stage of problem solving.