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    find the vertex

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    1. Without graphing, find the vertex. Show your work
    F(x) = 5(x+1/4)^2+19

    2. Without graphing, find the line of symmetry. Show your work
    F(x) = 7(x - 9)^2 - 2

    3. Without graphing, find the minimum value. Show your work
    F (x) = (x + 2)^2 - 8

    4. Find the x- and y-intercepts. If no x-intercepts exist, state so. Show your work
    F (x) = x^2 + 13x

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    Before solving the problems, we recollect the rules and formulae related to this topic
    If F(x)=a(x-p)^2+q is the given function then
    The vertex: (p, q)
    Line of symmetry: x-p=0. This is got by equating the 'square term' in the given equation (in the given form)to zero.
    Minimum value (only when a is positive): is ...

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