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Word Problem

A 20-foot board is cut into two pieces, Twice the length of the shorter piece is 4 ft more than the length of the longer piece. Find the length of the shorter piece.

Unit conversion

An M&M has a volume of approximately 0.5 cm3. We have Avagadro's number of M&M's. The only place to store the M&M's in in Death Valley. The area of Death Valley is approximately 100miles2. How thick in miles would the layer of M&M's be?

Quadratic equation

4.76x^2 + 6.12x = -55.3 Find all real solutions, however i am getting a negative number, which is not workable?


I am supposed to find all real solutions: 1.5x^2 - 6.3x - 10.1 = 0 I am stuck, please see attachment

Graph the equation

Can't figure out how to solve: x^2 + y^2 + 4y = 0 I need to graph the equation in a xy coordinate system.

Surface area of a right circular cylinder

The surface area of a right circular cylinder is given by the formula S= 2*PIE SIGN*rh + 2*PIE SIGN* r^2, where r is the radius of the base, and h is the height of the cylinder. Solve the formula S= 2*PI*rh + 2*PI*r^2 for h.

Comlpex 4.3.6 with theorem.

Although Corollary 2 does not apply to the function 1 / (z — z_0) in the plane punctured at z_0, Theorem 6 can be used as follows to show that (see attached 1) for any circle C traversed once in the positive direction surrounding the point z_0. Introduce a horizontal branch cut from z_0 to infinity as in Fig. 4.25. In the r

Word problem

One-half of Heather's age two years from now plus one-third of her age three years ago is twenty years. How old is she now?

Volume of a box

An open box with a square base is to be built for $48. The sides of the box will cost $3 per square meter, and the base will cost $4 per square meter. Express the volume of the box as a function of the length of its base.

Fibonacci Sequence

Let F be the Fibonacci sequence n F = 1, F =1 0 1 F + F n-1 n-2 show 1) For all of n, F = (7/4) ^ n n 2) n+1 n+1 F = 1/√5 ((1+√5) - (1-√5) )

Linear programming investment problem

Below problem is one that I'm drawing a blank on for even setting up the equation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Smith recently inherited a large sum of money; he wants to use a portion of this money to set up a trust fund for his two children. The trust fund has two investment options: (1) a bond fund and (2) a st

Solving Equations and Square Property

Can you please see if I'am doing these equations correctly? And if I am not, then can you please explain in detail where I went wrong? Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.

Cramer's rule

Can you please help me with these equations. What is Cramer's Rule? I believe that is the way they want solved.

Can't figure out what I did wrong.....

Here's the formula... The answer should be 4, which should be W S=10 T=5 w=4 w=33-(10 - 0.28 x S + square root of 28xS ) x ( 33 - T ) / 22.727 so.. the square root symbol was over top of 28 and S just don't know how to put that symbol in here... so.. you work from left to right... and you do what's in the ( )


Factorize the following equation (with steps please) - see attachment

Motion Problem

Application Problem 2M (MOTION PROBLEM) Janet drove 120 miles at x miles per hour (m/hr) before 6:00 A.M. After 6:00 A.M., she increased her speed by 5 miles (m) per hour and drove 195 additional miles. Write an expression for: The time spent driving before 6:00 A.M. The time spent driving after 6:00 A.M. The total dri