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Word problem

The word problem below was given to me to answer but I am stumped! #1,2,3 and 4 (below) were given to me as possible answers but I can't seem to make one fit??? Can someone help? A project that will cost $750,000 will require payments as certain milestones are met. The initial payment is $50,000. When 30% of the work is comp

Arithmetic sequence

How do I find the 40th term of the arithmetic sequence knowing the general term An=(Asubscript n -1)n-3? The first term in A1=9

Geometric sequence

Using the formular Sn find the sum for the geometric sequence 6 (3) E (/) (3)i i-1 (2)

Systems of equations

Did I do this problem correctly? 9x-3y=12 y=3x-4 9x-3(3x-4)=12 9x-9x-12=12 would this answer be 0?? I used the substitution method

Solving a quartic equation

I can not factor or group this to set it equal to zero to determine the solution. Can you help me? 4x^4-65x^2+16=0

Solving a word problem - Budget prepared by Dick and Jane

This is a sample budget prepared by Dick and Jane who are both employed. Dick is paid weekly and brings home a check for $350.00 each week. Jane is paid every two weeks and brings home a check for $500.00 each pay day. Jane sometimes receives an additional amount for paid overtime and Dick receives a bonus from time to time.

Solve by the elimination method.

Solve by the elimination method. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Solution 2x+3y=4 10x-6y=3 than I multiplying the first equation by 10 and the second equation by -2. 20x+30y=4 <= should be 40 -20x+12y=-6 =>42y=34 => y=17/21, x=11/14 How do I solve for (y

Solve by the elimination method.

What am I doing wrong? 1/3x + 1/2y=2/3 2/3x-2/5=1/5 I am multiplying the first equation by 6 and the second by 15. My results: 2x+3y=4 10x-6y=3 than I multiplying the first equation by 10 and the second equation by -2. 20x+30y=4 -20x+12y=-6 when I go solve it, I do not get the same answer which is 11/14,17/2


How much pure water must be mixed with 8 pints of 70% developer to produce a mixture that is 13% developer?

Word problem

I've attached the file. I need to know if I'm going in the right direction (in the red font), if not could you explain? (See attached file for full problem description) --- A person has 14 close friends. (a) How many ways can she invite 8 of her 14 close friends to a holiday get-together. Explain. (b) Suppose tha

Word problem proof

Six friends discover they have a total of $21.61 with them. Show that one or more of them must have $3.61. (Hint, use the Pigeonhole Principle.)

Finding Products and Simplifying Exponents

Please help with the following problems. I need more detail on each problem how the solution was achieved using these steps. Thanks for your help. 2. Find the product: (x - 2)(x + 3)(x - 4) (x - 2)(x + 3)(x - 4) = 3. Simplify without having negative exponents: (- 3s-3t2)-2 (- 3s-3t2)-2 4. Conve

Education IRA : Recursive Formula

On January 1, 1999, John's parents decide to place $45 at the end of each month into an Education IRA. a) Find a recursive formula that represents the balance at the end of the month if the rate of return is assumed to be 6% per annum compounded monthly. b) How long will it be before the value of the account exceeds $4000?

Radioactive Decay

The attached file will tell you exactly what I need. Radioactive Decay Iodine 131 is a radioactive material that decays according to the function A(t) = A where A0 is the initial amount present and A is the amount present at time t (in days). Assume that a scientist has a sample of 100 grams of iodine 131. a. What is the

Model with Constraints : Independence Model and Loglinear Model

Refer to the independence model, . For the corresponding loglinear model: log , where i=1, ..., I, j=1,..., J. Show that one can constrain by setting Show that one can constrain by defining Then, what does equal? --- Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.

Sequences and Subsets

1) Find a sequence {E } (n =1 to infinity) of measurable sets with E E .......... Such that ( E ) E ) 2) If E is measurable subset of R Prove that given > 0, there exists an open set U E and a closed set F E such that U E) < and E F) < . 3) If E ,E are measurable subsets of [0

Word problem

An employee's new salary is $23,100 after getting a 5% raise. What was the salary before the increase in pay?

Word problem

Value Rent-A Car rents a luxury car at a daily rate of $43.81 plus 5 cents per mile. A business person is allotted $100 a day. How many miles can the business person travel for $100.

Quadratic problem

R2^2 -RAR2 + RBRA = 0 NOW THE QUADRATIC EQ IS - b +/- SQRT B^2 - 4AC / 2A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ok, THE PROBLEM STARTED OFF R1 + R2 = RA AND R1 = RA -R2, THEN RB = R1R2/R1+R2. EVERYTHING WAS SOLVED FOR RB UNTIL THE ABOVE ANSWER OF R2^2 -RAR2 + RBRA = 0. T

Quadratic problem with variables - missing steps

The problem is bascially done to a point. (STEP 5) Then steps are missing. I give you steps 1 to 5, then I need you to solve for R1 and R2 in terms of RA and RB. PLEASE Show all work including what I give you and show each step, each canceled term, or multiplication, or whatever. STEP 1: R1 + R2 = RA STEP2: R1 = RA -

The Exact Homology Sequence (Exact Sequence of Triples)

Problem: Let X = X_1 / X_2, and A = X_1 / X_2. Using the exact sequence of triples, show that if the inclusion (X_1, A) --> (X, X_2) induces an isomorphism on homology, then the same holds for the inclusion (X_2, A) --> (X, X_1). Notation: X_1 is X subscript 1 / is union / is intersection --> is an inclusion map

Isomorphic groups

I am trying to learn this material on my own to prepare for a future graduate course. I would like to see the solutions to this problem to have something to imitate when working other problems. Decide which (if any) of the following are isomorphic to which: (a) D3xS4 (b) D6xA4 (c) D4xD9 Dn=dihedral group of order 2n, A

Heat Equation : Temperature Distribution on a Brass Rod

9. The temperature distribution u(x, t) in a 2-m long brass rod is governed by the problem ...... (a) Determine the solution for u(x, t). (b) Compute the temperature at the midpoint of the rod at the end of 1 hour. (c) Compute the time it will take for the temperature at that point to diminish to 5° C. (d) Compute the ti

Polynomial word problem

The width of a badminton court is 24 feet less than its length. Find polynomials that represent its perimeter and area. The actual length of a badminton court is 44 feet. Evaluate these polynomials to find the perimeter and area of the court.