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Word Problem

The 42 kilometer drive from Oakdale to Ridgemont usually takes 28 minutes. Because highway construction requires reduced speed limit, the trip now takes 14 minutes longer. Find the reduced speed limit in km/hr.

Square roots in a system of equations.

An explanation of the steps to use in a problem involving square roots in a system of equations using the sample problem given. Thank You. Please see attached.


What are the inflection points? (a) f(x) = 12x^5 +15x^4 -240x^3+19 (One of the inflections is 0. Find the rest. Results cannot be -2.82 and 2.07) (b) f(x) = (x^2 - 8x + 32)(x-4)

Application Word Problem : Distance, Time and Speed - Object thrown Upward

An object is projected vertically upward from the top of a building with an initial velocity of 144 ft/second. It's distance, s(t) in feet above the ground after t seconds is given by the equation: s(t)=-16^2+144t+100 - find the maximum height, s(t), of the object above the ground. - find the height of the building, th

Fields Extensions/Algebraic

Let F be an extension field of K. Clearly F is a vector space over K. Let u be an element of F. Show that the subspace spanned by {1, u, u^2, ...} is a field IF and ONLY IF (iff) u is algebraic over K. Let S be the subspace of F. Hint for the "-->" of proof. If S is a field and u is not equal to 0, then 1/u is in S. What d

Math Problem

Need help learn all the steps to solve these problems. See the attached file.

Surface Areas and Volumes of Cubes and Spheres

1. A sphere of radius 1 is totally submerged in a cylindrical tank of radius 4 as shown. The water level in the tank rises a distance of h. What is the value of h? 2. A cube has a surface area of 6x. What is the volume? 3. A sphere has a radius of r. If this radius is increased by b, then the sphere's surface area is increased

Q on Lebesgue measures

M*(A) = inf ( A subset of M) of the sum of |M_i|. If A is a subset of K_s, where K_s = { -s =< x_i =< s} Then show that M*(A) = S^n - M*(A^c) A^c is compliment of A ( I think compliment of A in K_s ? )

Help with solution

Solve each system by the addition method # 9 x - y = 12 2x + y = 3 # 10 x - 2y = 1 -- x + 5y = 4 # 11 2x - y = 5 3x + 2y = 3 # 12 3x + 5y = 11 x - 2y = 11 # 18 x + y= 13 22x + 36y = 356 Solve each system by the addition method. D

A stationary car A is passed by a car B moving

A stationary car A is passed by a car B moving with a constant velocity of 15m/s. Two seconds later, car A starts moving with a constant acceleration of 1m/s^2 in the same direction.(If car has constant velocity acceleration must be zero) a) Using the formula s=ut + 1/2at^2,where s is the distance from the starting point in m

Velocity, Time and Distance of a Rock After it has been Thrown

If a rock is thrown into the air on small planet with a velocity of 25 meters/second, its height in meters after t seconds is given by V = 25t ? 4.9t2. Find the velocity of the rock when t=3 A particle moves along a straight line and its position at time t is given by s(t) = 2t3 ? 27t2 + 108t where s is measured in meters and t

Series of Oblong Numbers

The following geometric arrays suggest a sequence of numbers: 2 6 12 20 a)Find the next three terms. b)Find the 100 term. c)Find the nth term.

Algebra Concepts Check

Week two DQ 1 1) How can you differentiate between a formula and an equation? For example. Week two DQ 2 2) What are some "Pitfalls" to watch out for in? A. Using the addition property in solving for X? B. Using the multiplication property in solving for? For example. Week two DQ 3 3) how do you remember


Multiply [(x^2+6x+5)/x]*[x^4/(3x+3)]. Reduce to lowest terms.

Whole number and polygon

Task1 some whole numbers can be written as the sum of consecutive whole numbers. for example: 5=2+3 12=3+4+5 some whole numbers can be written as the sum of consecutive whole numbers in more than one way. for example: 9=4+5=2+3+5 which whole numbers can be written as the sum of consecutive whole numbers? can they

Word Problem : Mass and Volume of Materials Needed for Access Road

An access road with total length of 60.450m, and a width of 5.235m, is to be built. The sub-base for the road is to have a thickness, when compacted,of 225mm. Assuming the material to be used is tested in laboratory was 2391 Kg/m3, determine the quantity of material, in tonnes.

Dodecahedron problem A_5 irreducibles

Consider the action of the group A_5 on the faces of a dodecahedron. Decompose the corresponding representation of A_5 into a sum of irreducibles and solve the problem by diagonilizing the interwining operator.