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    A Condo is renting at $1,100 per month. I have two options, if I sign up for 12 month, I get 1 month free offer. Or I can use the money from that 1 month and spread it throughout the 12 month. My question is, if I would to go ahead and use that free month ($1100) and spread it to 12 month, what would my newly adjusted monthly rent be?

    I am not sure which way is correct:

    1. Do I use (1100 x 12) / 13 = 1015

    2. Or (1100 x 12) - 1100 = 12100. Then 12100/12 = 1008

    So which method is correct and which method is wrong. Please explain in (DETAIL).

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    If we consider the 1st option, then that means you rent a condo for 13 months but pay like the rest is for 12 months. So the payment of ...

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