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Ethics & Human Rights

Pros & Cons of 4 Leadership Paradigms

For the quote by Mary D. Poole -- "Leadership should be more participative than directive" which has been a suggested approach for use in correctional settings. Dennis Luther, a Warden at a medium-security prison, has been acknowledged for his exceptional leadership style. Warden Luther states, "leadership is character develo

Control Police Deception in Interrogations

In April 1989, a young white jogger in Central Park was raped, beaten, and left to die near the park. She was in the hospital for a long time. After years of rehabilitation, she still suffers from impaired vision and sketchy balance. Her emotional trauma is unquantifiable. While interrogating the case, the police questioned f

Influence of Collective Bargaining

On the benefit to law enforcement or the community of utilizing collective bargaining. Do you feel the process is effective and contributes to satisfied public and improved service? Why/why not? Use evidence to support your thinking. 

Law Enforcement Recruiting

Have to do a short essay on the recruiting process could you please help me to answer this question to put in essay. Between the Drug Enforcement Adminstration and the LAPD which has the most effective selection elements for the recruitment process?

Irish Police vs. FBI

How does the Irish Police Department structure differ from the FBI? What are the chances of change and efficient adaptability with these types of organizational design? I have to do a short paper on this topic could you give me some answers to these two questions so that I can put them together into a 4 page paper with other in

Small Town Policing

I am suppose to review the article The Small-Town Police Department and articulate its point of view regarding small-town policing. I guess my problem is what does it mean to articulate its point of view and how do I start? Have reread the article several times and still have no clue of where to begin. If you can please guide me

Stalking and its Implications

I need help creating a topic paper (2-3 pages) discussing the following: Importance of recognizing the signs of stalking Criminal definition of stalking for your jurisdiction (cite a relevant stalking statute) Key facts that you felt all office personnel should know about stalking (such as the remedies designed to help a stal

Interviewing a police office

I have to interview a police officer and then put all my information into a final paper. I need help figuring out what kind of questions to ask in the interview.

Importance of Ethnic identity

For many people, ethnic identity is an important part of their sense of self. Jean Phinney (1992) has developed a measure of ethnic identity that is relevant to diverse ethnic groups. This questionnaire enables students to think about the importance of ethnic identity in their own lives. Review Phinney's (1992) questionnaire.

Changes in the Criminal Justice System

Evaluate past, present, and future trends in the interface between components of the criminal justice system and criminal justice connections with surrounding society. Evaluate and identify and assess recent and future trends and contemporary issues affecting the criminal justice system and the value of the criminal justice sys


Part I Using sources, explain how the constitutional interpretation of the First Amendment has evolved over the years. What do you personally foresee as potential future issues with this amendment? Explain. Part II Using sources, explain how the constitutional interpretation of the Fourth Amendment has evolved over the y

Art and Architecture

Please answer each topics separately. thank you! Topic #1 Choose a contemporary painting, sculpture, or piece of art that captures your interest. This should be a piece created between the end of World War II (about 1945) and today. You may choose one of the illustrations or color inserts in the textbook, or try a virtual mus

Myths and Narratives: The Origin of the Humanities

Myths often communicate the values, lessons, or beliefs of a culture. For example, Narcissus is so self-involved that he falls in love with his own reflection in the water. This leads to his death because he will not leave himself behind. Lot's wife, as noted in the text, perishes, because she does not trust and obey. These stor

Infinite persons and the importance of creativity

Topic #1 The reading refers to being an "infinite" person. Consider how the text authors, Janaro and Altshuler, describe the concept of an infinite person, and define this concept in your own words. Next, identify one individual - either someone in your own life (a friend, family member, teacher, coworker, etc.) or an individu

Individual Rights and Public Protection Philosophies

Could I get some information on the following questions for research purposes please? 1. Explains the philosophy and approach for balancing these two (2) issues: individual rights and the public's protection. 2. Explains the philosophy and approach for balancing of these two (2) issues: use of reward and punishment