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Middle Ages

Neolithic Culture, France, The Rosetta Stone, Homo Sapiens

* Neolithic Culture * France * The Rosetta Stone * Homo Sapiens I was asked to choose one from the above list and to answer the following questions: (I chose Neolithic culture). 1. What is it, or who are they? 2. what contribution to western culture? 3. Why does any one care? References please.

Interfaith sharing is discussed.

Interfaith sharing is becoming common in communities across the country. For example, here in Tucson the coalition of Congregation Ner Tamid, the Islamic Center of Tucson and St. Francis in the Foothills United Methodist Church call themselves an "interfaith task force." They schedule community movie nights on Sundays, followed

Federal support for art

In the past twenty five years or so, many states have passed legislation that mandates that 1 percent of any publicly funded building or renovation project that budgets at more than $100,000 must be set aside to buy art for the construction project. The project might be a new courthouse, or a stretch of highway, or a new wing at

Definition of creativity and the ability to teach it.

What is creativity, * and * can creativity be taught, or can it be learned? , no dictionary definitions.) Someone can learn to play the piano, or can be taught to do calculus, or can be trained to write a short story. Is that learning, that teaching, that training the same thing as being creative? Why or why not?

Arab Perspectives on the Crusades is given in a comparative Review.

A Comparative Review of "Arab Historians of the Crusades", by Francesco Gabrieli (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1969), xxxvi, 362; and "The Crusades Through Arab Eyes", by Amin Maalouf (New York: Schocken Books, 1985), xvi, 293. Review by Dr. Paul-Thomas Ferguson. In this review, Dr. Ferguson compares and contrasts

Questions pertaining to the 'Wife of Bath's Tale'

1. The wife (Allison), is fairly wealthy, but she comes from an ordinary background. How did she gain her modest wealth? 2. Who was Allison's favorite husband, and why did she favor him the most? 3. What did the knight do to get in trouble with the queen and her court? 4. What is the moral of the tale? Note: O

Chivalry as a code of behavior - Medieval Europe

In medieval Europe and England, we see the emergence of chivalry as a code of behavior. What do you believe were the PRACTICAL reasons for such a system of conduct? Any information would greatly appreciated!

Beowulf - Introduction to the Humanities - The Ancient World to Medieval Times

1. What observations can we make about Beowulf? For instance, you may want to note what makes Beowulf a heroic figure. 2. Would this character seem heroic in the other cultures we've studied? Why or why not? 3. What about the apparent abundance of boasting? 4. Do we read this differently as modern people than would th

Dionysus and Bacchus

Who are Dionysus and Bacchus? What makes these names significant on a day like New Years Eve?

Greco-Roman era

What are 2 great advances from the Greco-Roman era. Why those advances are significant?

Introduction to the Humanities - The Ancient World to Medieval Times. The role of cultural events and cultural experiences in shaping our worldview. How are the humanities distinguished from the sciences?

1 - Please describe a cultural event you experienced (musical, dance, theater, art, literature, etc.) of your choice, and your reaction to the event. Explain how the event was an expression of what you know about the Humanities, Art, Style, Genius, and Culture of the time period it represents. 2 - How are the humanities di

Impact of Crusades on Islamdom

Please tell me about the good or bad impact that the Crusades had on Islamdom. Go into detail about the long-term effects of the crusading movement and how it hindered unification of Islam into a single state.