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Health Care Disciplines

Teamwork and motivational issues are applied.

You have been appointed to head the local division of a health care management organization. A colleague wishes to assemble several employees to meet periodically together. Part A: Under what circumstances would the group be considered a "team"? In other words, what would be its distinguishing characteristics? Part B: A

Performance incentives to promote health lifestyles

During the recent Employee Opinion Survey, the radiology department received a Tier 3 rating. Due to the low score, an HR consultant and the department leaders met with staff to obtain clarification about the survey responses. At the top of the list was a desire for performance incentives to stimulate effort. Employees wanted to

Non verbal communication

Given the gamut of information that is transmitted when we communicate with someone in front of us, what percentage of that communication package do you think is represented by only the words that you are saying? How do you know that your nonverbal cues have been understood as you intended them to be? Conversely, what l