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Team Building Activities in an Health Care Organization

Describe a basic team building activity that could be used in a health care organization. Explain why it would be effective.

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I will list some that I have seen work and you can use or modify, as you feel fit.

Activity I

People Search

Making a table from WORD, with about as many cells as people that are in the group, type in statements reflective of something about the dept or theme of the meeting. Seasonal, concepts to help the members get to know each other better, or just fun topics like

"Was born outside the state

Has three or less children

Is an only child

Has a cat

Owns 2 dogs

Has traveled outside the country"

If the people already know each other well, the statements can be indicated accordingly

After the directions are read, the participant goes to another group member and says, "Were you born outside the state?"
If the person can say, "yes," then they write their initials in the box and go onto another person." Eventually, the style of discovery will ...

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An effective team building activity for a health care organization is described in this piece.