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    Effective Leadership

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    How would you identify and describe the components of effective leadership?

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    1. How would you identify and describe the components of effective leadership?

    There are many proposed theories of effective leadership. The effective leader provides the extraordinary quality that pulls people toward them, makes great endeavors appear effortless, and, often, make other envious!

    The following components have been identified:

    1. Have a Clear Vision and Sell it to Others

    CLEAR ON WHAT THEY ARE COMMITTED TO. They speak it at every opportunity. They don't hem and haw, or stutter, when people ask what they are up to and what they intend to accomplish. Powerful Leaders know that THEY ARE THE ONE! They recognize that they are the source, the catalyst for creating their vision. They don't depend on others to make it happen ?that's always their job! And they take on that accountability with all of their attention and intention.

    2. Have Clear Expectations

    Effective leaders are clear on the EXPECTATIONS ?their own and those of others. They communicate clearly ?what is expected, and what they can be counted on for.

    3. Shared Commitments

    Powerful leadership requires POWERFULLY CREATING TEAM. Effective leadership derives from a shared commitment, inside of which each individual team member can realize their own goals.

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