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    Disease Outbreak Control

    Homeostasis the importance of being in balance

    When many people think of homeostasis they think of their body being in balance or the flight or flight response. Homeostasis is the maintenance of physiological conditions required to maintain the life of the organism. Cannon (1932) has come up with some theories on homeostasis. What are Cannon's (1932) theories on homeostasis?

    Role of Epidemiology

    Epidemiology is the study of how often diseases occur in different people and why they occur. Epidemiology can help us track diseases and find out when an outbreak is occurring or if a disease is decreasing due to a public health interventions. Given the above information, what do you think is the role of the epidemiologist i

    Personal Emergency Plans

    I need help developing thoughts for three questions about personal emergency plans. 1. What's the importance of making a personal emergency plan and the challenges in keeping emergency supply in household? 2. What items would need to be in the emergency plan? 3. What kind of barriers prevent people from creating plans,

    Strategic National Stockpile

    In reference to the United States Strategic National Stockpile that maintains caches of medical supplies and equipment that can be shipped in 12-hour "push packs" to any location in the country. What would be the advantage of local communities having their own stockpiles if this service is available?


    View "Seth Berkley: HIV and Flu-The Vaccine Strategy." http://www.ted.com/talks/seth_berkley_hiv_and_flu_the_vaccine_strategy What are some of the tools in this course that epidemiologists use to perform their work?

    Obstacles to Effective Disaster Response

    List at least 2 factors that may be obstacles to effective disaster response during an outbreak of infectious disease following a natural disaster. Provide an example of a scenario where this might occur.

    The Importance of Immunizations to Society's Health

    Now that the Affordable Care Act includes immunizations, what else do we need to do to be sure everyone is immunized in the US for all the preventable diseases? Why do you think the HPV vaccine, while covered, isn't considered required in most states, although it could prevent many cancers?

    Major pollutant episodes

    Name three historically important lethal pollution episodes. What role do epidemiologists have in preventing future incidents?

    The Detriment of Resource Inadequacies

    I need help identifying at least two key factors that underscore differences between developed countries and resource poor communities in their capacity to respond to infectious disease threats following natural disasters to humans and livestock. I need this answer on a graduate level.

    The Politics of Medicare and Medicaid

    One of the significant challenges for Medicare and Medicaid is not necessarily the implementation of the program but the influence of the political climate with regard to both the financial support and control of the programs. Choose two Articles related to the politics of Medicare and Medicaid from the list below. Aaron,

    Health: Genetic Disorders

    1. Discuss how incomplete penetrance, variable expressivity, pleiotropy, and genetic heterogeneity can affect the severity of a disease in a family. 2. A person can lower risk of preventable types of cardiovascular disease by exercising regularly and following a diet low in saturated fats and simple carbohydrates and high in f

    Genetic Variations

    1. Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is an X-linked disease for which prenatal diagnostic testing can be performed. Has prenatal genetic testing increased the detection rate of this disease, compared to prior diagnostic methods? If so, how? If not, why? In case the fetus is diagnosed with DMD and parents decide to terminate the

    The 1918 Influenza Pandemic

    In light of the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic and the more recent 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic, what are some of the epidemiological patterns that were noted in 1918 that must be taken to avoid another major pandemics in the global society? How would you create a new plan to mitigate the level of morbidity and mortality to the next

    Cohort Studies

    -Need assistance comparing and contrasting the cohort study approach with case-control studies. Determine which you believe is most effective and explain why. Provide specific examples to support your response or cohort studies -Need assistance Identifying the advantages and disadvantages of developing and utilizing the cohort

    Infectious Disease Case Study

    Need assistance with the following scenario: "You have been assigned the responsibility of updating your organization's leadership on what should be done for the next flu season. Recent reports from the CDC have indicated that due to shortages in the flu vaccine, 50 percent of the population who are at risk of contracting the

    C. Diff outbreak

    I need assistance in the following discussion questions. The 2nd question has a link given below: 1. Craft an infection control policy for a nursing home to provide protection of patients, staff, and visitors from infectious diseases. 2. From the e-Activity article below, predict how the disease was transmitted and sugges

    Avian Flu: Disease strategy prevention

    This research article Identifies some marketing, public service announcement, public awareness and disease prevention strategies emphasized, encouraged, practiced and utilized by the CDC and public health departments in order to build awareness and keep the public safe from the threats of infectious diseases. These include


    Explain the quarantine laws regarding cases of Smallpox. Include some history of the disease, some know cases of Smallpox and their outcome (ie. quarantine, isolation), and the eradication of the disease.

    SARS outbreak in 2003

    Was the use of quarantine an effective control measure during the SARS outbreak in 2003 to prevent further contamination among healthcare professionals and other individuals.

    Pandemic/Epidemic potential

    Compile a list of the ten diseases that are most important relative to its pandemic or epidemic potential. Which diseases causes question or concern? Which emerging disease is considered as most important. Explain why this disease has Epidemic or Pandemic potential, and why quarantine, or related isolation methods, would be

    Communicable Diseases Overview

    What are 10 diseases that have Epidemic or Pandemic potential, and for which quarantine, or related isolation methods are recommended control measures. Of the 10 diseases which one is the most important, why does it have Epidemic or Pandemic potential and why quarantine or related isolation methods would be primary in control of


    CDC Emerging Infections/Diseases: Five emerging infections/diseases to have the greatest Pandemic potential.

    Communicable Disease

    Discuss the difference between Endemic, Epidemic and Pandemic. assess the potential of H5N1 avian influenza to become a pandemic strain in humans. 1. Where did the disease come from? 2. What causes avian influenza? 3. Can the virus infect humans? 4. What can public health officials do to minimize exposure? B. Propose five

    Communicable disease

    1. What form(s) of communicable disease control was used in the case of Typhoid Mary? 2. Was this the best course of action? 3. Are there better ways in which the spread of disease could have been controlled.

    Apathy and effective communicable disease control

    How is public apathy a serious challenge to effective communicable disease control? How is the stigma associated with serious diseases and the social hostility a challenge to effective communicable disease control?

    Quarantine and Isolation

    What is the defferences between and quarantine and isolation? What are current challenges to effective communicable disease control?