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    Disease Outbreak Control

    historical quarantine methods to modern methods

    How are historical quarantine methods similar to modern methods? How have methods changed and are historical methods superior or inferior to modern methods? What effects to modern personal rights have on historical methods? How has modern science changed in the methods used in quarantine?

    Epidemiologist Recommendation

    Based on article attachment, As an Epidemiologist would you recommend implementing this program for family physicians and pediatricians? Evaluate the following in your response: 1. Selection of the physicians 2. Randomization into intervention and control groups 3. Statistical and clinical significance of the results 4

    Chronic Disease (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or osteoporosis)

    Address the following sections and suggest paper structure and organization: a. Define the chronic disease. b. Explain risk factors and incidence. c. List symptoms. d. Describe the impact of nutrition and exercise on the prognosis of the disease. e. List prevention strategies and treatment options

    Investigations of disease outbreaks - How to investigate

    Please help me with the following "thinking" question: "200 students from a School (total enrolment of 250) leave on a Friday for a ski trip to Jasper. They travel in four buses. On Sunday 6 students report feeling ill with symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea. On Monday the principal plans to say there are 30 students absent