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Strategic National Stockpile

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In reference to the United States Strategic National Stockpile that maintains caches of medical supplies and equipment that can be shipped in 12-hour "push packs" to any location in the country. What would be the advantage of local communities having their own stockpiles if this service is available?

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The need for a more robust process for efficiency in getting supplies to a disaster has
been noted in recent events where people are involved in both natural and man-made
occurrences. The time to event needs to be shortened to often save lives and provide basic
supplies, medical attention or medicines. The idea of the "Golden Hour" of medicine and in the
military applies also in getting much needed help to these disaster victims (Bobdey, 2012). Even
a twelve hour turn around in getting help can mean the difference in life and death. First people
need protection from the elements and whatever is occurring in the disaster. After the initial
insult, ...

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This discussion related the need for better optimization of the location of the Stratetigic National Stockpile

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