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    Technology in the Classroom

    Facilitator Technology Skills and Types of Distance Learning

    I just need your opinion and input with these 2 DQs. DQ. 1. What are the most important technology skills a facilitator must have to be a successful instructor? Why are these skills important? DQ. 2. What are the different types of distance learning? Is one type more effective than another? Why is this type of distance l

    Technology Tools in Education

    List 3 technology-based tools that can be used for educational instruction. For each tool, answer the following: - How can each tool be used for assessment? - How can each tool be used for collaboration? - What is the instructional value of each tool?

    Professional Identity and Technology

    Using the articles you found related to professional identity and technology within counseling, prepare a discussion post (250-300 words) that answers the following questions: 1. What are some of the key areas that you would look at when assessing your professional development? Describe how these areas influence your own prof

    Technology and the Classroom

    How you would use technology to integrate children's literature with math and science instruction? Describe at least one idea or activity. Do you think using technology is effective for integrating children's literature with math and science instruction? How you would use technology to differentiate instruction for your spec

    Technology Skills

    Reflect on your own technology skills and think about a plan to master at least three new technologies. which technologies you will attempt to master and why. What is your learning plan for implementing the use of your new expertise in an instructional setting?

    The Uses of Information Technology in Education

    Reflect on the use of technology and on the ways information technology drives authentic instruction. Discuss ways you currently use technology to support the instruction of mathematics. Discuss how you use technology to solve your own mathematical problems.

    Adult educational technology

    What is the most important new technology for educating adults besides the Internet? Please include reference for support.

    Technology in American classrooms

    Technology has become a major component in American classrooms and has the capacity to change the way teachers teach and the way students learn. Technology has allowed our world to become increasingly smaller. Will technology continue to be a factor in driving educational change? Analyze how technology could encourage globalizat

    Assistive Technology's Impact on Education

    Please help with the following problem. In the article, Assistive Technology: Impact On Education, Employment, and Independence of Individuals with Physical Disabilities, Stumbo and Hedrick (2009) note that although significant gains have been made over the last 20 years related to AT, more strides can be made in understandi

    Literacy and technology

    What are the newly defined literacies? Also, discuss 3 ways technology can meet the needs of a diverse student population.

    kyoni and Michael

    Mrs. Donovan is a paraprofessional who enjoys working with Kyoni and Michael, two special needs children in a fourth-grade inclusive classroom. Kyoni is confine to a wheelchair and makes use of assistive technology, such as her communication board, a calculator during math class, and an FM transmitter due to her hearing loss. Mi

    Technology in the Classroom

    Examine a synopsis of several major research studies that focus on "Educational Technology (attached)". Please 1) provide your initial reactions to these findings and 2) insights about the article.

    Educational Technology (Levels of Use)

    1. What impact would a "Level of Innovation Use" survey have on training initiatives within your health care? Would/could this data be used in any follow-up training? Do you feel this survey is a valid method of measuring innovation adoption? Outcome: Evaluate educational technology delivery options and best prac

    Comprehensive Technology Plan

    Summarize how the comprehensive technology plan can increase productivity and efficiency for both students and teachers.

    Examine cost effective assistive technology for SPED!

    Identify three cost-effective solutions that could be used to solve challenges faced by special needs learners. Can assistive technology be as simple as a tennis ball? The detailed answer from an expert is here for you to download!

    technology for instruction

    How have you used technology for instruction most effectively? How would you implement technology in the future based on the readings for a course?

    Assistive Technology in the Classroom

    What is your experience with Assistive Technology? If you haven't had any experience what are some ways you think would ensure teachers are implementing AT effectively within the classroom?

    Laws regarding assistive technology

    Please discuss a law relevant to the learning setting you plan to practice within or are currently working in. Locate an additional resource that further defines the specific law and its requirements specific to your state of residence.

    Technology and Education

    Research a current article (2008 or newer) on technology in the classroom. Explain how this technological advancement will shape education in the future.

    Software to Support Assessment

    Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan Draft of Section Four: Software to Support Assessment 1) Draft your proposal to utilize software to support assessment in the classroom as a part of your Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan. Consider the following: a) In what ways can technology facilitate the ongoing effort t

    Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

    Comprehensive Classroom Technology Planâ?"Draft of Section Two: Communications Plan 1) The benchmark assessment for this course involves creating a Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan with five sections. How can technology be used to communicate in a classroom setting? Consider communication and collaboration with st