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    Incorporating New Technology in the Classroom

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    1.Select one of the new technologies mentioned in the following Horizon Reports (any you have used or would use )?

    Review: The New Media Consortium & Educause Learning Initiative. (2009).The horizon report: 2009 edition. Retrieved from http://net.educause

    Review: The New Media Consortium & Educause Learning Initiative. (2010).The horizon report: 2010 edition. Retrieved from http://www.nmc.org/

    Question: Share your insights about your selection . What was your initial impression of the technology?

    What were your thoughts after utilizing the technology for several days?
    Do your findings match your initial impression?

    2. What are some strategies you would employ as the facilitator to encourage online discussion forum participation? Also Utilize and incorporate the idea/concept of discussion forums and assessments to encourage online discussion forum participation and suggest best ways or how you would test the strategies you mentioned.

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    The Horizon Report mentions using IPhone and QR codes in the classroom: http://olliebray.typepad.com/olliebraycom/2008/11/iphone-in-education-using-qr-code-in-the-classroom.html. The suggestion here is full homework assignments can be captured by the students by just taking a photo of the bar code. How would it actually work though?

    1) I had many students last year who wanted to take pictures of the board with their phones instead of taking notes with the rest of the class. The problem with this was the absorption of information. Without writing it down, asking questions, and thinking about it the student's would end up kind of lost when they went home to review. There is a difference between content notes and homework ...

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    This solution discusses the pros and cons of using IPhones and QR Codes in the classroom, along with ways to involve students in online discussion forums.