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    Technology to Teach

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    Why is it important to understand and incorporate technology as a teacher in the 21st century?

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    In the day in age we live in now, it is very difficult to function without technology. Once there was a story about a baby in the newspaper. They showed her on one side swiping the iPad from screen to screen. However, on the other side, she had a magazine and was trying to swipe it. In the event it was a magazine, it didn't work. The next image is of the baby that is throwing the magazine in frustration. In her mind, it appeared that something was wrong with the magazine because it was not easily operated like the iPad.

    If an infant acts like that, then you can only imagine how a child acts. Most students have ...

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    The solution explores the importance of technology in supplementing student learning in the classroom. There are specific examples of applications and software that can help educators communicate concepts effectively to students.