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    Comprehensive Technology Plans for Schools/Districts

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    In this assignment you will be asked to create the evaluation component of a comprehensive technology plan (CTP). The CTP examines the availability of technology tools and the need for additional tools and training in using those tools.

    First, select an educational organization: a local school district, a college, or a corporate training center. Briefly describe the organization.

    Next, analyze the effectiveness and satisfaction of the organization's current use of technology. Support your analysis with real or hypothetical data.

    Based on your data, draw conclusions regarding the availability of technology tools and the need for training in their use. You may use charts and tables to display the data, but be sure to give narrative conclusions.

    Finally, based on your data and conclusions, make recommendations to add, upgrade, or redistribute the organization's technology. Also recommend a related training curriculum. Support these recommendations with data and conclusions.

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    I will do my best to give you some direction here. I'll give you some help coming up with your plan, using questions to guide your thinking. It looks like you can use hypothetical data, which means that you don't actually have to conduct surveys and such.

    For the sake of ease of data, why don't you choose a small school district? I would suggest maybe a K-8 district with four elementary schools feeding into one middle school.

    Now, when you're coming up with a technology plan, you have to figure out where they are now, and where they're going with the technology. For example, in my school district, we have one dell computer in every classroom, plus six laptops per building, which can be attached to 4 carts with data projectors. There's also a 30 student computer lap with a built-in projector in each building. The computers are still running windows 98 and MS office, and they are starting to get out of date at six years old. The middle school has two computer labs and double the number of projectors and laptops. There are also three digital cameras which are 8 years old and are only 2 megapixel cameras.
    Staff indicates (via hypothetical survey) that the projectors are not frequently used due to problems with programs freezing. Classroom computers are utilized by all teachers; however, few teachers use programs other than word, powerpoint, and outlook (email). In their technology survey, what do you think teachers would say? Would they want more training and technology? Or are they afraid of it? In your paper, you could go either way. Probably younger teachers would be more enthused about embracing technology, whereas veteran teachers might not ...

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    In this solution, I went through the steps of creating a Comprehensive Technology Plan (CTP) for a hypothetical school district. This is done through the use of examples and guiding questions, so that you can reach your own conclusions. The examples will help you see how the level of technology in a school or district can be analyzed and recommendations can be made for further integration of educational technology.