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Education Technology

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How do you incorporate technology within your classroom or worksite? What challenges have you faced? How do you manage instructional delivery with technology? What needs do you anticipate in the future?

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education technology
How do you incorporate technology within your classroom or worksite? What challenges have you faced?
I have used the following equipments and technology in my pre-school and primary students: overhead projector, computer, Internet, television, DVD, radio, LCD, online games and videos, etc.
I use the overhead projector to show important points that I discuss to my students. It is a variation of the traditional blackboard with chalk/pen. It is a handy method to keep my presentation handy whenever I transfer classrooms. However, in times that the projector is not available, plan B proves to be useful.
I use the television or computer/laptop to play movies, stories or action songs to my Kindergarten one students. There are also educational software in CDs that can be used. Among the problems I have encountered (especially when I use laptop/pc) are pupils not being able to view it clearly because of the way they sit and the set up of the laptop. Even if the class is small, a big screen is important especially with young children.
I have also allowed them to use Internet games in the lessons and each is given the chance to answer questions and they feel happy pressing the keys and giving the correct answers. ...

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The solution discusses how an educator incorporates technology within the classroom, the challenges of managing instructional delivery with technology, and the anticipated future needs. References are included.

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