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    Philosophy of Education

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    Establishing a Coaching or Mentoring Dialogue

    Based on the factors that affect communication, what environment would be ideal for establishing a coaching or mentoring dialogue? How are the principles of effective communication altered when media and technology are incorporated? (with appropriate citations). Must be at least 300 words.


    Compare and contrast the role of literature review in quantitative studies vs qualitative studies; Identify the type of research in which literature review plays a bigger role and describe why this is so?

    What is Teaching?

    Reflective Essay 1 In this module's case assignment and TD activity, you have been reflecting on and examining your understanding of two basic terms: Education and Learning. In conjunction with our focus on "some basic terms", in a 1.5 to 2 page paper responds to the following: What is teaching? Please examine the re

    Relationship Between Curriculum and Instruction

    1. Define curriculum and instruction. What is the relationship between these terms? 2. Discuss the contributions of John Dewey to the development of curriculum thought or practice. 3. Outline the major beliefs of the following schools of philosophy: reconstructionism, progressivism, essentialism, and perennialism. Co

    assessing students needs

    personal philosophy of education 5. Philosophy of Schools & Learning • Epistemology: How do learners come to know truth? What causes learning to occur? • This is what you KNOW and BELIEVE about schools and learning. It should connect with the previous section and flow smoothly into the next section about instructional

    Education Philosophy

    Question: If you have been involved in or will be involved in clarifying or identifying philosophical foundations for curriculum planning or design, how does a diversity of opinions influence the process and outcome of the discussion?

    Educational Philosophy: Behavioral

    Behavioral Psychology Principles - A description of this educational philosophy - A literature review Describe and defend the behavioral educational philosophy.

    View the above PP program. What does it mean to you?

    View the above PP program. What does it mean to you? W._Edwards_Deming W. Edward Deming philosophy of management has 14 points. 1. Describe each of the 14 points, and how you feel they could help you do your job as a Safety Professional. 2. Describe the importance of the Role of TQM leaders. 3. Management has nume

    Lesson Plans for Educational Philosophy

    Find a lesson plan online, state the subject and intended grade level for this lesson plan. Include where you obtained this lesson. Discuss which philosophy of education and this lesson is based on. Explain the educational theory the teacher's lesson most closely mirrors. Identify the strengths of the lesson and any change

    Leadership Styles

    Description: Students role as stakeholder--How are students involved in the educational management process? What are the benefits and drawbacks of student empowerment as a leadership philosophy in schools or training organizations? How does this impact stakeholder relationships in educational environment?

    Personal philosophy on integrating the arts into elementary curriculum.

    Write a response on your personal philosophy on integrating the arts into elementary curriculum. In your reflection, complete the following: Defend the necessity of arts education. Define your personal philosophy of Arts education. Include a standards-based definition of aesthetics. Include your personal definition of aest

    Philosophy of Horace Mann

    Horace Mann served as an advocate regarding the social, political, and educational issues of his time including state control of public education, crime prevention, women's education and slavery. Please respond to the following: How might public schooling be regarded as "humanitarian reform" in that historical context?

    Adult Educator Background

    How might an Adult Educator answer the following questions for an Adult Educator assessment? a. Background, experience, and training for the position (position as an adult educator) b. Andragogical techniques he/she employs c. Traditional and/or non-traditional instructional models used d. Characte


    What is your philosophy on Inclusion?

    Reflection of historical education philosophies

    Please help answer the following question. Provide at least 300 words in the solution. What experiences did you have as a student that you now understand were rooted in historical education philosophies?

    Time and Cultural Influence on American Education

    A. What experiences did you have as a student that you now understand were rooted in historical education philosophies? B. What are the primary characteristics of the teaching profession? Explain how they have been impacted by the evolution of Educational Philosophy.

    Education Pioneers

    How would you define an education pioneer? Discuss two or three pioneers who have influenced your own personal philosophy of education. Why were they influential? Fast forward to your final day of teaching. Your retirement party includes former colleagues, students, and parents. What is your legacy? Describe this in terms of

    Compare and contrast philosophy

    Consider these questions: (1) Analyze your interviewee's philosophies. How are the elements of their philosophies similar to the elements of your own philosophy? How are they different? (2) Analyze and critique the elements of your interviewee's philosophies. What elements of their philosophy would you appropriate for your o

    Social forces

    How do social forces combine with philosophies of education to shape educational purposes?

    Voucher schools from liberal and conservative perspectives

    Define liberalism and conservatism, and then explain how each philosophy defends its position regarding a contemporary controversial issue in education. For example, you might consider any one of the following issues: vouchers, charter schools, merit pay, teacher unions, standardized testing, teacher training, education funding,

    A Personal Philosophy of Education

    What is your personal philosophy of education,and what are your expectations if you were to take a course in Esol and the reasons for teaching bilingualism today

    Philosophical Models of Education - Comparison Chart

    I) Create a chart to compare and contrast the major educational philosophies: idealism, realism, pragmatism, perennialism, progressivism, naturalism, and essentialism. Include categories of your choosing which will more easily identify similarities and differences. Include the corresponding impact on educational practices, belie