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Critical Thinking for Educational Leaders

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As a doctoral learner, you are viewed as a scholar-practitioner who will contribute to both scholarly inquiry and practical applications in the field. Discuss what aspects of critical thinking and intellectual standards might help you as a leader in the field of education. How might this process help bolster your effectiveness as a scholar? Provide 2 references.

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First, search on any engine you prefer for some resources to back up what you are going to say in your mini-essay. I like Google, and when I searched using the phrase "critical thinking and intellectual standards for educational leaders," these are the hits I picked:

Particularly paragraph 2, page 82. This paragraph has some quote-worthy material for your ...

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Why are critical thinking and intellectual standards so critical for educational leaders? What are the intellectual standards involved in critical thinking? Web-based references for further reading, and a suggested BEGINNING response for the mini-essay this solution is preparing for.