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Problem statement on autistic children in the general education classroom

I need help in composing a problem statement. My topic is autistic children in the general education classroom. I am looking at the impact of autistic children in the general education classroom and how the non disabled students react to autistic students in the classroom. I also want to discuss how the teachers react to these

Special Education inclusion

General education teacher attitude toward including autistic children in the regular education classroom. I have done several interviews and have done several classroom observations. I have also done one telephone interview. I have been asked this questions and need help: Why is it important to have one or more strategies


Assistance is needed with an interview guide and interview questions. The general education teacher's attitude toward including and mainstreaming autistic students in the regular education classroom.

Research Querstion

I have two topic that I am trying to decide between and come up with a research question. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Also I need to develop a qualitative interview guide. Have no idea where to start Last I know I will need a self evaluation rubric. Again I need help developing all of this. I don't have a set amount of qu

ASD Topic

I think that students with Autistic spectrum disorders are educated without there typical peers in order to develope socially however I know that has to be more than just that. I have tried looking up some advantages and disadvantages that is in question two but I have not found what I am looking for. Could you give me some gu

Problem Statement

This is my problem statement athat I am w riting for a paper that I am preparing for a class that I am currently in. My topic is "Autistic children in the general education classroom; mainstreaming, inclusion and pull out options". May be I need to change this also but I want to talk about the autistic children in the school sy

Functions of behavior for students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder: Case Studies

Functional Behavior Analysis is a technique used to determine the source of maladaptive or problem behaviors and to replace them with more appropriate behaviors that meet the same need. All behaviors occur in order to meet a need or want. The behavior is reinforced when the behavior is successful. In the following brief case stu

Writing a hypothesis

Ideas about autistic children in the general education classroom (mainstreaming, inclusion and pull-out options) are included.

Rights & Responsibilities of Education

Search the internet for four school related court cases - two of which involve educators as defendants and two which involve students as defendants. Provide and overview of each case, outcome, and opinion of whether the outcome fits the allegation. Do you agree or disagree with each outcome, and base opinion on legal/ethical s

Instruction for Students with Autiism

(Differentiate instruction for Autism) 1/ What are some of the teaching strategies, methods, accommodations and technology/materials I can use to help students with autism?