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Court Cases in Education

Search the internet for four school related court cases - two of which involve educators as defendants and two which involve students as defendants. Provide and overview of each case, outcome, and opinion of whether the outcome fits the allegation. Do you agree or disagree with each outcome, and base opinion on legal/ethical standards. Please cite sources for further reseach....

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Ms Shinners, a sbustitute teacher, is accused of hitting a student with a bow. The outcome was that Ms Shinners was acquitted of child abuse and the jury didn't believe it had happened. This doesn't fit the allegation, as the student accused Ms Shinners of taking away her bow and hitting her on the head with it. I agree with the outcome. Legally, there was reasonable doubt - only one other student out of a class of twenty saw this take place.


Mr Priest is accused by two ...

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This provides examples of court cases where educators were defendants and students were defendants. Also includes the outcome, sources, and opinions regarding the cases.