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Economic Growth

Managerial Economics

I need help to start writing a 1,500 - 2,000 word research paper discussing a current topic in the field of Managerial Economics (the economics of the firm). I have submit the topic and outline and it was approve. Thank you

The Federal Reserve, through its power to raise and lower interest rates, exercises more influence over economic growth and the level of employment than any other government entity.

Read the following remarks made by news analyst Louis Uchitelle on October 12, 2007 regarding the vital role of the Fed Chairman Benanke in a time of economic crisis such as the financial meltdown started a year ago in the US and the global financial market. The remarks below are followed by the question #1 to answer. The Fed

Impact of Foreign Economic Aid

What is the impact of foreign economic aid from rich countries to LDCs? Should developing countries continue to seek such aid? How did so may developing nations get into such serious foreign debt problems, and what are the implications for economic growth and development for these countries

Global Strategic Management

Research Berkshire Hathaway ( Develop both an EFAS (External Factors Analysis Summary) table and an IFAS (Internal Factors Analysis Summary) table. The tables are to be submitted in one Excel file (one sheet for the EFAS and one sheet for the IFAS), and a written in MS Word. The descript

General Motors - Economic Indicators

1. Current ratio 2. Quick ratio (acid test) Define each ? Describe current status ? Do a graph illustrating a historic trend (5 years) ? Analyze the relationship among inflation, unemployment and the business cycle. ? Evaluate the impact of inflation, unemployment and the bu

Four Economic Questions - GDP, GNP, Natural Rate of Unemployment

1. Describe the four broad categories of GDP using consumption approach. Give detailed account of each component. 2. Explain the difference between GDP and GNP. What adjustments needs to be made to GDP to arrive at GNP? 3. What is the "Natural Rate of Unemployment" ? 4. Why do some economies grow faster than others

Economic Indicators

Using real GDP, unemployment rate, consumer price index, foreign exchange rate/auto sales, and oil/gas prices, prepare a 1,000 word paper in which you define each of the indicators as related to the auto sales industry, and describe its current status. If possible, present a separate graph for each indicator illustrating the his

Price, Demand and Supply

Can you assist me with the following: Using this article I found on the Price, Demand and Supply in the Cotton Industry from summarize the article in 700-1000 words explaining why changes in the demand, supply and price occurred.

Current General Interest Rate

What factors have combined to determine the current general interest rates? Is the current interest level one that promotes or retards growth in the economy? Explain your reasons.

Supply of imports, trade restrictions and workplace efficiency

1. Suppose we refused to sell goods to any country that reduced or halted its exports to us. Who would benefit and who would lose from such retaliation? Can you suggest alternative ways to ensure import supplies? Are there any particular imported commodities that you or your firm rely on? What has happened to the supply of t

Measuring and causes of inflation

1. How is inflation measured? 2. What are the causes of inflation? 3.Are natural disasters causes of inflation or deflation? Where might the public see the evidence? 4.What are the costs of inflation? 5. Why is inflation so widely feared?

Asian Currency Crisis

3. Regarding the Asian currency crisis, answer the following questions: a. Describe the normal reasons why a currency undergoes a significant depreciation and what were the important characteristics of the Asian countries involved in the crisis? b. What are some expected domestic economic consequences of the currency crisi

Help with Reviewing 2 Articles for Summary

I need help to answer these questions about these articles in the set up in the attached document: These are the questions I need help and some direction trying to answer. In the summary p

Current and projected budget deficit

What do you think about the current and projected budget deficit (over 500 billions this year and coming years)? Do you support Bush's economic policy to further cut tax and run the Federal government through borrowing (budget deficit)? What are the effects of the current tax policy on US businesses in the short-run and in the l

Country Risk Analysis

Which major reasons justify the importance of country risk analysis for the investment portfolios?

Business cycles and the current state of the economy.

Read the two articles below and do some of your own research on current macro-economic conditions and the business cycle. National economic data are available from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis Yellen, Janet L. "Prospects for the Economy in 2008," Economic Letter, Federal Reserve Ban

U.S. Fiscal Policy

Prepare an analysis of the U.S. Fiscal Policy by addressing the following: - Characterize the state of the economy. What is the focus of the current fiscal policy? - What should the focus of the fiscal policy be? - How does the fiscal policy impact your organization or a selected organization with which you are familia

Growth problem and dividend payment

Temporary and permanent personnel provider for accounting, finance and IT. Financial data see attachment. Questions: a) Comparing the company's sustainable growth rate with its actual growth rate in sales, what growth problems did the company face over the period? b) The first dividend was paid in 2004. Assess the company's

Identify and discuss issues that affect cost on gasoline.

Gasoline as product: 1) Identify and discuss issues that affect cost on gasoline. 2) Discuss the impact of technology on productivity and average total cost. 3) Describe three to five factors in the economy that will impact the demand for gasoline and one for the cost associated with producing the good or service. 4) Identif

Country Risk and Strategic Planning Analysis

My scenario is that I am going to open restaurants in China. One in Shanghai & one Beijing. These restaurants will serve healthy food such as salads, soup, sandwiches, pizza, fresh fruit juice/smoothies, and more. Here is what I need. Assess internal/external environment (Strength,Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threads, Trend

Article Analysis/Opinion - U.S. Slump Takes Toll Across Globe

Please help analyzing this article and a personal opinion(your) to better understand this article. Any help will be very much appreciated. Wall Street Journal, April 3, 2008 edition titled, "U.S. SLUMP TAKES TOLL ACROSS GLOBE." See the attached file.

Description of Minimum Wage

2. Suppose government imposed a minimum wage above what otherwise would be the equilibrium wage rate for this segment of the labor market. Using a supply and demand framework of analysis, what do you expect to happen to employment in this segment of the labor market? (Assume that inflation and economic growth are both zero.)

Currency-to-deposit ratio

If the currency-to-deposit ratio increases, what effect, if any, does this have on the monetary base, the money supply, total deposits, and economic growth?