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Economic Growth

The implication of a government budget surplus

Assess the implication of a government budget surplus on the following: a. National saving b. Interest rates c. Private investment d. Economic growth e. Future living standards When assessing the effects of the budget surplus, list the assumptions you are making.

Economic Systems

Problem 1 Over the last 15 years the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal have joined forces to produce an annual Index of Economic Freedom. This index defines 10 economic freedoms used to measure the level of economic freedom in countries around the world. Explore the website for the Index of Economic Freedom. Be su

Adverse Selection, Moral Hazard, and Finance

I've stated below the questions I'm having some difficulty with as well as my thoughts on the answer. 1) Households make four kinds of economic decisions (textbook, pp. 4-5). Suppose you have two households with the same income. Household A has one income earner and Household B has two income earners. How would the four typ

Product Decision Making

Think of a business firm you recently visited (such as Walmart, Home Depot, Red Lobster, Barnes & Noble, McDonald's, etc.). What motivated the producers of all the individual products in the store to make them and offer them for sale? How did the producers decide on the best combinations of resources to use? Who made those resou

Coca Cola and Business Cycles

I need help with the following questions: - How would you deal with the uncertainty in macroeconomic forecasts? - How do business cycles affect the performances of Coca Cola? - What could Coca Cola do to mitigate any undesirable effects of business cycles?

Unemployment rate and economic growth

You are hired as a business consultant to a Senator. She heard the association between the unemployment rate and economic growth, and asks you to estimate the relationship so that she could propose a policy to lower the unemployment rate. Question: Given the relationship you estimated and the most recent GDP growth rate (most

The Value of India's Real Exchange Rate

Please help with a part of an assignment, its says: A manufacturing organization is considering expansion to India or Brazil What has happened to the value of the real exchange rate over time? What is the significance of this change in value? What are bid-ask spreads for each currency? Include your calculations.

President Obama pushed his massive fiscal stimulus

A) What possible macroeconomic arguments might President Obama use to defend his $862 billion fiscal stimulus package as a part of his economic recovery plans? B) Why do you think the critics were so much concerned that this stimulus package might be bad economic policy, and not just for the US, but for the world economy? D

China's Rapid Economic Growth

I need some help formulating a response on the major current economic events in china relating to the economic impact on growth and international resources and trade.

Economic Globalization

Evaluate the impact of globalization on domestic governance. Identify and explicate at least three significant factors requiring domestic changes.

Damaging Effects of Deflation on the Economy

What are some of the damaging effects deflation has on an economy? What would be a monetary policy prescription to reduce or eliminate deflation? How would deflation affect your business or a business you are familiar with?

Fiscal Policy: U.S. Congress 2012 Budget

Please help me with the following question: The U.S. Congress is currently debating the new budget (2012). Most Republicans want to reduce federal spending. Democrats do not want to reduce federal spending by as much as Republicans do. Should federal spending be drastically reduced? Yes or no? Thank you.

Economic Analysis - Supply Chain Management

A newly established Internet Cafe is looking to expand its operations. What would happen if the forecast to open 208 stores per year is wrong? What would happen to the costs if the growth rate was half as much as expected? This does not need to be a detailed economic analysis.

Equity vs. Growth

For a developing country to grow, it needs capital. The major source of capital in most countries is domestic saving, but the goal of stimulating domestic saving usually is in conflict with government policies aimed at reducing inequality in the distribution of income. Comment on this trade-off between equity and growth. How wou

Economic Analysis

1. Explain why hyperinflation has such a devastating impact on economies. Explain what it takes to stop hyperinflation. 2. Why is there free trade between states in the United States but not necessarily between countries? 3. When the world's economies are on a fixed gold standard and the discoveries of gold do not keep pace wi

Economy Export

Describe the various components of fluctuations in economy activity over time. Because economic activity fluctuates, how is long-term growth possible? Why do economists pay more attention to national economies than to state or provincial economies? How did the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center

Impacts of International Initiatives on Economic Growth

Assess President Obama and the Congressional Majority Democrats' stimulus, budgetary, and health care initiatives in the context of promoting Economic Growth and Development. In your view, are the Democrats' policy initiatives aimed more at encouraging Economic Growth or Economic Development? Or are they aimed at both? Defend yo

The Monetary System

What are the prime rate, the discount rate, and the federal funds rate? Who controls these rates? What would you expect to happen in the general economy if these rates are all increased? Decreased? Give examples.

alternative fuel options

Should the government subsidize alternative fuel options given all you have learned about expectations and growth? Give special thought to the following two statements: 1) Can technology create a new future and 2) what incentives are needed for business to adopt new technology? Defend your position using economic principles cons

The Performance of the US federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve Bank controls the money supply and interest rates in the United States. How good, or bad, a job has it done over the last two years? Why? What could it or should it have done differently? Why? Please provide references to support your position. Thank you.

Economics of WalGreens

Do a Web search for the Web site of Walgreens. Locate the annual report to stockholders on the Web site. Answer the following questions: 1. What does the report say about the corporation view of future business challenges and the market in which it operates? 2. Does Walgreens see long-run

Competitive markets are scrutinized.

Exercise 1 XYZ Corporation operates in a perfectly competitive market. Due to robust economic growth XYZ corporation made above normal profits. Taking into account the characteristics of this market, explain what will happen to ââ?¬¢ The number of firms in the market ââ?¬¢ The market supply curve ââ?¬¢ Th

Mankiw's 10 principles of economics are reiterated.

Go to this in-class Economics lecture by Dr. Yoram Bauman and write your thoughts on what he presented. Dr. Bauman answers this question - "What do we need governments for?" Give your answer.

Production, Costs, and Profits

Give a brief summary of economic costs (i.e. how are they different from accounting costs). In the short-run, why might a firm still operate even when there is a loss. Attached article...Maquiladoras: Impact on Texas Border Cities, How does this article apply the marginal decision rule to the problem of choosing the mix of

The Millennium Development Goals are briefly discussed.

The Millennuim Development Goals (MDGs)targets were to be acheived by 2015.A few will be met; many others will not. In either case despite great progress, poverty will remain a very serious ongoing concern. So what comes after 2015 to keep attention focussed on ending global poverty? The process of developing the MDGs and gainin

four* functions of an economy.

There are three answers which must be addressed by any economy. For each of the questions, I would like a criticism with how that question is answered in the U.S. (or any country in which you currently reside). Thanks for your help